France team sharing in Paris – 12028


These last few days have been a new and interesting experience for all of Team France! We’ve been paired with one of our French friends and have been traveling the Metro in Paris trying to ‘Revolutionize Paris’ for God. We received mixed reactions-one man telling us that “France is a big country and we don’t believe in God”, but others were receptive and took materials and even let people pray for them. Those of us who weren’t led to speak, prayed for those who did! The last few evenings, after a picnic supper in the plaza by the Eifel Tower, we’ve been helping pass out some evangelism literature with a group called Youth with a Mission (YWAM). They’re an international group, and for the next few weeks will be doing some dramas and music on the plaza, where there are always crowds. The highlight for the nights has probably been the Christian ballet troupe from Seattle, WA, who creatively share their faith with dance to contemporary Christian music. They’ve also had drama and mime from other countries and several pastors share their testimony each night. The first night, we were able to see the Eifel Tower lit up and then it began to blink! It was a treat for us all.

Your kids are doing great and learning to really be lights for Jesus. Though our days are long and we walk everywhere we go, there’s very little whining. The Cijem group has been preparing our lunch and supper meals (supper’s been picnic style, as we’ve been on the move) so they are eating well! They all especially love the bread and the French have learned American teens have good appetites. Please continue to pray that we’ll be an encouragement to Cijem and the other Christians we are meeting and be salt and light here in France.


First of all I’d like to say to my family, “Bonjour, Je vous aime!” I adore receiving your letters. Thank you for all you yours and support-it means so much. The trip is owning up to the long wait. Not only does the city have an air of beauty, the Christians we have met are all very welcoming and have a fire that is incredibly contagious. Although despite these encouraging things, the hearts of those here in and around the city, tourists and residents alike, have closed up hearts. Their hearts are cold to the Good News of Jesus. In your prayers for us, most wonderful families, please pray for the hearts of Paris as well, because for them we are here. Our two major evangelizing spots are in the metro and in a square between two museums overlooking the infamous and scenic Eifel Tower. God is marvelous and working here. It is wonderful He has sent us to France and we are learning so many things from just being here, but we also get to impute and exercise what we have learned previous to this journey. May God be praised!

Love and thanks, Jasmine Griffin. P.S. We eat very well, the food is SO good.

The past few days we have been doing metro evangelism by singing songs like Yesu Ni Wangu, Blessed be Your Name, and This Little Light of Mine. Then we started to hand out cards and cd’s. For street evangelism we watched mime’s from Chile and ballet dancers. Then after, we went around passing out different types of cards, flyers, and Bibles, and it was an amazing time. So far God has really touched me and my new friends. He has also in this short amount of time touched many souls. We just pray God keeps blessing the work we are doing here in France.

Jimmy Ehrhart

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