Greetings from Dalkey, Ireland – 12006

God is an amazing God. We as leaders are always reminded that we are building teens not buildings. On Wednesday while we were trying to finish our “building” God was building and testing our faith. On Tuesday we hoped to pour the concrete slab for the gazebo foundation, however due to a lack of materials we were delayed. The forecast for Wednesday was to be heavy rain all day. So the team prayed…and prayed…and prayed for a clear day on Wednesday so that we could pour the slab. So Wednesday morning came and we were greeted by sunshine through our tents. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, the team jumped into action after breakfast, mixing concrete and pouring as fast as we could. We were praising God, and all the staff here at Ireland Outreach were amazed at the weather. Just after lunch, as we were passing our halfway mark, storm clouds start rolling in. As it started to sprinkle, the team gathered around the gazebo foundation, and each person prayed to the Lord asking Him to hold off the rain. Immediately after the prayer the clouds passed and the sun came out. With the exception of a few brief showers the Lord gave us enough clear weather to finish pouring. The most amazing thing was that while all this was taking place, we were being watched by some local Irish construction workers working in the compound. One of them came to me as we were working and said how impressed he was at our direct line of communication to “the Almighty”. I learned later that these men are not Believers, but have been witnessed to before. Praise the Lord that these men were able to see our faith in action! At dusk the sea lions bob playfully in the chilly Irish Sea. The team loves to gather around to watch their playful antics. There is a delightful little harbor just a few minutes walk from where we are staying. At times we like to go there for our time of evening devotions. The Lord is teaching each of us through this time in Ireland.

“Consider it pure joy my brothers whenever you face trials of many kinds, “James 1;2 NIV. This is the essence of everything I am learning. Whether it be the mosquitoes at Boot Camp or the humidity and physical exhaustion I count them as joy. Recently I fell and hurt my arm and I count it as a joy, pure joy. Because God has everything happen for a reason wether I understand it or not.-Samuel Hinckley

Since being on this trip the Lord has really been teaching me to be patient with others, and to rely on Him for all I need. I have really learned how to rely on prayer this summer. I have also became quite the chef this summer. -Lydia Frey



  1. Vanessia Gilbert

    WOW!!! Watching all of you work as a team is quite AMAZING! To see God’s handiwork come all together is also AMAZING! God is truly AWESOME and WONDERFUL! May the work of your hands be blessed by the Lord Almighty! Becca, I miss you GREATLY! May you and your other teamsmates be blessed and be blessed by what God has in store ALL OF YOU! Have a safe trip home. Can’t wait to see you soon! Mom

  2. What an amazing testimony to what God can do! Here on the “homefront” we have not stopped praying as the Lord continues to guide the Ireland Team through all He has planned for them. Love oyu bunches Lydia! see you soon. Dad 🙂

  3. Jerry and Rebecca Putnam

    Caleb, I hope you are taking notes. I would love to have a gazebo in my back yard. And, would you please bring home a baby seal for me?
    Seriously, we are awed by the work you are doing in the Lord’s name and we praise Him for his faithfulness in all things. See you next Thursday!

  4. Alex, I’m so proud of you. I miss you, Alex. I hope to see you soon. I love you, Dad

  5. What an awesome testimony to be a part of! Imagine the construction workers awe at the rain being held back! So very cool! Lydia, I can’t wait to see some of the results of your “chefdom!”

    Continuing prayer for you all! Lord bless!
    Donna Frey

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