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Hello Parents and Loves Ones!

We are excited to begin our second week of Fairs. Our team of 10 preteens, 4 leaders, Christopher and the TTT staff ministered in 3 states, shared the gospel with 354 kids/adults, gave away 109 Bibles, and led 42 to Christ last week. Thank you parents for allowing your preteen to come with TEEN MISSIONS. They are planting seeds and reaping eternal harvests.
On Thursday we headed to fairs again. In Kentucky, Ellie shared the Gospel with an 8 year old girl whose grandma works at the fair and she accepted Christ. In Indiana, Leader Jessica and her team Zach, Alana, and Rebecca had amazing opportunities to speak with some of the vendors about the LORD. Sometimes they met oppostion. Zach said he waslked throug the survey with one teen and got to the “If you were to die tonight, would you go to heaven?” and the teen walked away. But that didnt stop Zach or the other preteens. They know that it is God who saves and they pray every night for the ones who crossed their paths that did not accept Christ. On Friday again in Indiana a couple prayed for salvation. We are lifting them up in prayer. Elijah led them to the LORD through God ABC’s with Elise and Sean but after praying they said they had questions. In Illinois, in the hot sun, I saw Jessica surveying 2 teen girls. Im not sure their decisions but again seeds are being planted by YOUR children. Lucas with his wonderful West Virginia accent easily attracts people to himself. While on a break, buying a catfish sandwich, he was able to witness when the vendors asked him what brought him to Kentucky. He was able to share Christ boldly  abd tell about the work he was doing for his summer vacation.  I see the heart the kids have for people to know Jesus and how much that heart is growing in each of them. For example, on Sunday after church we went to a park to have lunch and see the FOUR FREEDOMS monument. While there Lucas and some of the other kids asked Mr. Jason if they could go over and share the gospel with a man just sitting alone on a bench.  Sharing the love of CHRIST, for this team, seems to be contagious. With Jason by their side, Lucas, Sean, Nate, Elijah, Elise, Christopher and some others were able to clearly present the Gospel to this man who appeared to be homeless. He eagerly accepted the TTT Bible as well. That quick picture of your kids doing that should just literally amaze you. These young kids are being bold enough to go up to a stranger just for the fact that they want him to know the LORD and be saved. God has extraoridinary plans for each of these team members. Some of the preteen were really shy and reserved at the beginning of the week and now are boldly going forth. It is so great to see such transformation. I give God all the glory and praise for those miracles.
Let me add a little more about our first week here in Indiana. On Saturday, the kids attended the CHANGE THE WORLD Training followd by attending their first TTT Rally. They performed 2 presentations/ dramas as well. They all sang DIG A HOLE, HERE I AM TO WORSHIP, FLY AWAY, as leader Jessica played her guitar. They boys did an excellent job with the SIN CHAIR skit. They also did a HEART SKIT. We also performed on Sunday and were guests at the FIRST AVENUE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH in Evansville. Each minute of every day is filled. We have a daily Bible study, library reading time which includes reading a biography about a hero of the faith, personal devotional time and group devotional time which each night a team member gets to lead. So far we have had Lucas, Ellie, Sean, and Nate lead devotion time. I could go on….The leaders Jason Krissy (me) Jessica and Heather are blessed to be on this team. We have had personal breakthroughs with many of the team members. I think God is stirring in their lives and they are dealing with things that maybe they normally dont give attention to. We are mazed to see them making eternal impact on their peers with a simple survey. Its a great lesson to learn….you go on a mission trip to change lives with the LOVE OF CHRIST AND THE GOOD NEWS…but your life gets changed the most. Please raise each team member up in prayer continually….until later….peace and love, The Molanders (head leaders of Indiana)
I apologize that this update is late. I faxed the update on Monday but part of the message was not legible.
Indiana arrives at Debrief
Indiana arrives at Debrief

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