New Zealand’s last work day – 12009

Our last work day is Friday.  The group has enjoyed helping out the folks in the town of Kaipoi.  We have worked on two different lots that are called “gap fillers.”. These are lots where the building collapsed and is now an eye sore.  On one of the lots we leveled out two truck loads of gravel and painted tires that will be used as plant holders.  On the other lot we planted large wooden flowers and painted a background mural on the wall.  While working on this we had may passers by stop and take pictures, ask who we were and thank us. We also visited two retirement homes to spend some time with the residence.  It was such a blessing for them to have young visitors and it was a blessing for us as well to see the joy on their faces.  They were amazed that we came all the way from America to help them out.

We also got to show off our artistic skills ( with the help of a local famous artist) and paint the church walls.  We baked 5 dozen cookies and 8 dozen muffins.  We packaged them up and delivered them to local business’.  Most were received warmly.

Sarah McNair:
As our wonderful trip comes to a close, I’ve begun thinking about all that we’ve done this summer.  From sweating at boot camp to freezing in new Zealand, we have come a long way.  I pray that we’ve blessed people by doing yard work, painting, cleaning the church, and hanging out with kids at the holiday programs.  God has taught me so much and I know that we have planted seeds that will make an impact.

David Advardson:
This trip has been so fun.  I really can’t wait to go home soon.  I definitely didn’t think I would miss my family but I do so much.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to know all my teammates and serving the lord but I just can’t wait to get home.  Teen missions has definitely been a rewarding and great experience.


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