Zambia Water Filters – 12021—3

Greetings Friends and Family Zambia Water Filter Team,

Our Zambia water filter team has arrived at our first bush location. It was about 7:00PM when we arrived.   We had our tents set up and were unloaded by 8:00PM. We did have a” hick-up” on the way as the battery tie down on the truck came loose and the batteries fell to the road and were destroyed. A quick call was made the the TMI base and they came with two batteries and we were on our way once again.

It was exciting for the team members to finally be in the “bush” of Africa. Every time we approached a police rooad block on the way to Lufwanyama,  the team members began to sing songs in the local dialect and the police had smiles on their faces and waved us through. Praise the Lord for His favor. As the truck was waiting along the side of the road the team sang their songs and a good number of people gathered and were ministered to. As we continued down the road we came upon a serious road accident and couldn’t help wonder if the delay was God ordained and kept us from involvement in that accident.

Our first night in the bush offered a good night’s sleep for all. It was a bit chilly but we did buy extra blankets in Ndola and that kept us warm. We so look forward to what the Lord has in store for us here at Lufwanyama. We have met Hendrix and Edson, the local facilitators, as well as the huge crowd of orphans that welcomed us. Victoria had given a testimony at church that was well received by the people. Rebbecah lead in singing to the delight of the people. Steve was the” preacherman”. Devon had not been feeling well and we had the opportunity to take her in for a doctor’s visit before we left the base. He prescribed a couple of meds for coughing and she is feeling much better today and is fully participating in team activities.  A  lady brought a small baby in that was so weak he couldn’t hold up his head. The team prayed for the baby and a couple of team members stayed to offer more prayers for the babies healing.

I plan on using Roberts cell phone to relay messages to you through the missionaries every few days. A more detailed report with testamonies will have to wait till I can get into town, (about a 6-7 hour round trip).
Testimony from Yiwa:
I have traveled alot during my teenage years and have been to many places. I was expecting Zambia to be a place that would shake me and be a country full of surprises. Yet, as I sat at the back of the truck on my way to Ndola I wasn’t shocked by anything I saw. In fact, I felt I was coming back home. Throughout the long five hour drive Bailey, Leslie, and I began to start waving at all the nationals we saw, and to our delight they waved back with so much vigor. Their seemly open culture is incredibly refreshing to what seems like a very reserved culture back home. As the night progressed and we joined the staff at the base of the Lord’s Boot Camp Zambia for worship, I noticed the even the style of music and method of worship was much more welcoming here than what I am orginally used to. Even though it is only my second day here, I am content with what I find. I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for me.       Yiwa

Written 7/15



  1. It’s sooo wonderful to hear from your team! Great picture of you and some of your team mates, Cerissa! Can’t wait to see you! Hope your’e getting my letters 🙂 We love you and miss you! Still praying!

  2. Pam Johnson Smithart

    Oh wow, it’s so great to see your face Bailey. Prayers for you and your team.

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