Zambia Water Filters – 12021—4

Warm Zambia Greetings from the Bush to our  Family and Friends of the Zambia Water Filter Team  (The Real Africa)

The team had a fantastic time in Lufwanyama.  We were able to be a part of the clothing distribution to the orphans on Monday. We felt a lot of emotions as this was going on.   The team was exuberant when seeing the joy on their faces when the children received the gifts of clothing.  They were sad when they saw how great the needs were.  They were grateful to think of how blessed they are in their own lives at home in the U.S.

Yesterday, we gave a presentation at the local school near the Rescue Unit and we gave an opportunity for the children to receive Jesus.  All of them wanted to pray so Hendrix, the facilitator, prayer for all of the children to receive Jesus.  There were probably 60 to 70 children in this school.

We also demonstrated the water filter and gave two to the Headmaster of the school for use at the school.

Last night, we showed the Jesus Film in the Lamba language.  This film was given to us to use by Keith Kliine.  There were probably 80-90 people who saw the film and 3 people gave their lives to the Lord.

At the Rescue Unit, Yiwa and Victoria assembled and demonstrated the water filters and gave two to Hendrix and Edson, the faciltators who live at the Rescue Unit.  They are very grateful to be blessed with these gifts and to have pure safe water where they live.

This morning, it was with sadness and gratitude as we packed up and said goodbye, ready to leave for the next location.  We are heading to Luswishi, where we will meet Mike and Queen Monze, the Teen Missions staff who run that Aids Orphan Rescue Unit.

I, Steve, am calling this report in while in the truck on the way.  We hope to be all set up by dark.

We are right now moving out of “phone network”.  It will be July 27 when we are back to good phone connection again.  We will keep trying our best to get through if we find a place to do so. Phone contact will be very spotty from here on.  I have sent some comments written by team members and you can watch for them to be posted as they get typed and sent from the home base in Ndola.

After Luswishi, we will be moving on to the next Aids Orphan Rescue Unit at Mukema.

Thank you for this great team.  They are well and all are participating fully in the activities.  Thank you for all of  your prayers.

This report was called in from a truck that was moving in the bush to the next location this afternoon. 7/18




  1. what emotions just reading this! thank you for the updates.

  2. I can wait to hear the stories. Be blessed in Jesus name, we will continue praying for you all! Love you Clau and Rebe

  3. Thanks so much for the update! So happy to know about what’s happening over there. You’re all covered with our prayers. Rebe and Claudia I miss you both!!! I’m happy, so happy for the work you both are doing for the Lord. I bigggggggg hug for you Rebe and for you Claudia.

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