Zimbabwe packing up – 12003

With mixed feelings, we write you our last note from Zimbabwe.
This has been a very meaningful week, with more than 430 students coming to saving grace in Christ. Additionally, there have been so many opportunities to provide some basic medical care to their feet, heads and hands, and provide for some of their physical needs.  The team is experiencing mixed feelings as they prepare to leave a people and land they have come to love, to return to home, where they are deeply loved.  Pray for their transition as they work through this process.  Also, pray for our safety as we travel back to Teen Missions in Florida next week.  Once we arrive in Florida, we will spend three days in “debrief.”  This is a time where the kids integrate all they have learned and experienced, and set goals for themselves for the coming year.
Here are thoughts from team members.

Jonathan Chadwick – Wow!  How do I start?  I can tell you this – God is certainly alive here in Zimbabwe.  I have had the privilege of sharing the gospel in during some of our presentations.  It is the most awesome experience to see kids raising their hands to receive Christ.  Just to know that I am being used by God as a tool to plant hundreds of seeds, with His Word is so encouraging.  In knowing that, I have grown tremendously in my faith.  Yeah! Right now, God and I are buds.
Kalin Taylor – I have grown closer to the Lord on this mission trip.  The Lord has challenged me in different ways, including spiritually and physically.  I have discovered a new side of sharing the love of Jesus.  I love you all and can’t wait to see you!

Matthew Elliott – God’s hand is very evident here in Zimbabwe.  Day after day, kids raise their hands as they are given the opportunity to accept Christ.  It is an amazing sight.  I have also been humbled.  Just minutes after complaining about blisters on my feet, I watched the eyes of the orphans as they longingly stared at my boots, wishing for such protection of their feet.  I was privileged in being able to wash their feet and give them something to help them both physically (with new shoes) and spiritually (with a new relationship with God.  I can’t wait to come home and tell you all about it.


  1. How precous when we meet those little souls in heaven and all rejoice together in God’s amazing grace. How special that God has allowed our teens to be part of His plan. We’re praying for all of them as they return home. May God continue to grow them in His grace and use them.

  2. Jennifer Saylor

    I love the little boy turned around to look at us too. Oh my, no wonder it is so hard to leave. We are praying for all of the teams.

  3. Jennifer Saylor

    That picture with the teen and the two kids is soooooo precious. the colors are fabulous. What a precious moment.

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