Borneo doing well – 12022

We received this phone report from the team this morning.

Yesterday, we went to the village and played soccer the the children. The team really enjoyed it and the village kids followed us back to the property to play. This morning when we went to church (the same church we went to last week), the church was overfull, coming to see the team. We did Sunday School for the 30 kids at church. 25 kids followed us back from church. After lunch, we all took a walk to a waterfall and swam. The team members said that it is their first Boreno adventure, hiking to the water fall and swimming. We enjoyed soccer with the village kids.

As far as the work project, all the 61 posts are set and half of the foundation is poured. We are waiting for blocks to arrive for the walls. We were excited that gravel, cement and boards were delivered and the truck was able to make it up hill, so we didn’t have to haul the supplies by hand.

The weather has been dry, with no rain since last week. It is hot during the day but cools off nicely at night.

The team is doing well and working hard. Thanks for your prayers.



  1. Sounds like the team is doing well and I’m glad everyone had time for some fun and relaxation! I’m praying for the team and focused on memory verses for all of you!

  2. Carolyn Mitchell

    Great to hear your report! Been praying for you guys at church, each team out in the field. We are super proud of you all and how you are serving the people with such great hearts. “Howdy” to you, Nick!

    Carolyn from San Jose

  3. denise coronado

    Yay Sawyer! We are praying for you and your team everyday and can’t wait to hear all about your adventures when you get home. Duncan’s team is doing well in Kilimanjaro as well.

  4. God is so faithful! Excited to year that you all are doing well. We love you.

  5. So neat that you’re getting to go to church and spend time with the children. I bet the waterfall and swimming was a blast! Glad you all are doing well. We are praying for you and look forward to seeing you soon. I miss your sweet face, Aubrey Jane Adams!

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