Russia packed up – 12010

Hello from our last day in Russia–

The duffles are packed, good-byes are being said and the team is preparing to board their overnight bus right to Ekatrinburg in three hours.

This will be a quick update, but we wanted to let all of you know that your prayers are being felt over here.  First of all, the weather cooled off significantly since our past few reports.  The team has been much more comfortable and we Praise God for that!  Secondly, we were able to complete all of the projects that were left unfinished in our past report.  We completed setting up the new obstecle in the Obstecle Course here, “The 5 D’s of the Devil,” and then were able to tranform it into a swing to be used throughout the year on the property.  We were able to finish weeding and cleaning up trash around the town bus stop and common areas in the town.

A highlight of this week was the opportunity that we had to present a cross-cultural exhange presentation at the lcoal cultural center.  The Russian boot camp team and our own presented the gospel in a variety of ways and the crowd was very receptive.  We say 8 people raise their hands to accept Chrsit!!!

Last night the team had an extended amount of time to stay, “good bye” to their new Russian friends, as e-mail addresses & signatures were exchanged.

Please pray for us as we have a long travel schedule ahead of us.  Thank you all for your prayers while we have been here in Russia & we ask that you now pray for us as we transition into this time of debreif at Teen Missions base in Florida.


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  1. Praying for traveling mercies as you guys make your way home. So excited to hear about the cultural exchange program! Can’t wait to see Christian!!

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