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Dear Families and Friends of the Australia PreTeen Team,

We have been here 2 weeks now and this has been full of lots of opposites.  We came with lots of rain, rain and more rain.  But, right now, we have beautiful sunshine!  This morning, while doing devotions, the sun was actually making my legs burn through the blue jean skirt I was wearing!

It is about 58 degrees F. at night, in the A-Frame dorms, but the day time temps are wonderful.  It is cold in the mornings, we don’t like to get out of our sleeping bags, and during the day, while working, shirt sleeves are great, but when reading or talking in the shade, we need our jackets, but not in the sun.

The kangaroos are pretty used to us.  We can walk past them on the sidewalk and they won’t move.  They are wild animals, and we don’t try to play with them, but we are getting great pictures of them.  The babies crawl in and out of the Mommies pouches, and they are adorable.  If they get scared, when we walk on the sidewalk near them, they dive into mama’s pouch, head first and there are just 2 feet poking out!  If we wait around for a while, you can see them slip around and poke their heads out.  Cute.  If your child tells you one of them tried to box with the, run after them, etc. they are probably making the story much bigger than it ever was.  One team member said it was being threatened by a roo yesterday, and when I asked what happened, it turns out the roo quit nibbling grass, and sat up, looking at her, with the funny ears moving around.  That was a big, scary threatening kangaroo, wasn’t it!  LOL

The work project began slow, with all the rain.  We were taping up cabins to be painted, and then painted.  Abraham, Issac Sarah, Jacob, and Rebecca are the names of the cabins and A-Frames.  They are not finished with all the work, but have done much, while it was raining and had to work indoors.  They have stopped that work, to work on the sidewalk.  The sidewalk is in the same area, around some of the cabins and A Frames.  There is much to be done, but every little bit they do, helps to prepare the Boot Camp for the summer teams and volunteers when they came in December and January (their summer).  (Parents, do you realize Christmas comes in Summer vacation here and kids going on teams spend Christmas with their teammates and God?)

They love doing the Sidewalks, as the cement is fun to do.  It is hard work, but you may have some young people ready to help with cement at home!

We went to church the first Sunday, in Noosaville, and just visited, we thought.  But, the children’s director invited us to come,  so they could speak to the Aussie children about what Teen Missions is about.  They also shared about the obstacle course and we divided into teams, mixed with USA and Australia kids and the director had small blocks with the books of the Bible on them.  One group finished about 30  seconds before the other group.  It was fun.  We met some children who we will be presenting to this Tuesday.

Yesterday, July 22, we went to church in Noosa.  (a different town than Noosaville).  We shared for about 45 minutes in children’s church.  We used songs, puppets, gospel magic (object lessons) and a testimony.  Some of the songs we used were children’s songs and they sang with us, doing actions.  It was fun and even the kids who were determined to sit and not enjoy it, seemed to like it.  Afterwards they talked to us a bit.  Girls will be girls no matter where they are, as one little girl, when supplying some motions and words for one of our songs, wanted to put Taylor Swift into that one.

We are going to another school Tuesday, this one is in Tewantin, the same town where our mail comes.  We will do a couple of presentations.  When we finish, we are going to see the ocean and visit some shops.  We are also going to McDonalds, but our leaders want us to eat some food first, so we won’t try to buy everything in there.  Everything is pretty expensive there, so we will get some food to eat first.

Thursday, we will be going to the Australia Zoo, the one started by Steve Irwin.   The kids went shopping at the market place Saturday, and got to make some purchases.  We saw didgeridoos, boomarangs and great Aussie hats!  At the market, they got to meet many people and it was a pleasant time for all.  The team members made good impressions on many people, with their nice smiles, polite manners and questions.  You would be very proud of them.

Although they are having a wonderful time here, they are also looking forwards to seeing Moms and Dads at the end of debrief.  Please continue to pray for us, as we continue to grow and learn.   Your kids are amazing people and we are learning as much from them as they are from us.



  1. Praise the Lord! Go Australia team.
    Praying for you and your team daily as you work for God.
    I am so proud of you Chloe!
    I can’t wait to see you.
    God bless all of you.

    Love Mom & Dad & Daniel

  2. Thanking God for this encouraging update from our Australian team! We can’t wait to see the pictures of those kangaroos. Enjoy this last week and hopefully we will hear further updates as the week progresses. Praying for you all as you continue to shine for Jesus down under!

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