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What a busy week it has been for the Ecuador team the past several days! The Ecuadorian Boot Camp has arrived and we are know sharing the base with them. It has been interesting getting everyone to stay off the wet sidewalks that we have poured. Needless to say, there will be several foot prints in the new sidewalks. Progress is coming with the work projects as both steel beams are now up for the new gate. Nearly 6 ft. holes had to be dug by the team for each beam. On Saturday, the team worked half a day, and after lunch we were able to go to town (Latacunga) for a nice break to do some souvenir shopping and go to the ice cream shop. Even though it is cold here, ice cream is something special to get!
During the evenings, the team has group devotion time where we sing praise and worship songs, and each night a different team member gives their testimony or whatever the Lord has laid on their hearts to share. As a leader, it is awesome to see the guys and girls open up their hearts and share what the Lord has done in their lives and how they have been made stronger through their struggles. Please continue praying for each of our 23 team members as they are growing and that they will keep their heart open to the Lord.
Today, the team shared at a different church in Latacunga. Jenny Willms shared with the church about what the team is working on this summer, with the help of team member Andrea Sunderman translating. TJ Hooper gave his testimony to the congregation. Tonight we attended the Ecuadorian Boot Camp Rally where one of the Bible, Missionary and Work students was graduating to begin her internship. While we were there, our team was asked to give a presentation to the boot camp. We didn’t know we would be doing this tonight, but the team did really well and introduced themselves and sang about 4 songs. Afterwards we were invited to the reception for the graduating BMW student and enjoyed some cake and soda.
The weather is still cold and windy and it is very dry. It seems like everyone is getting past their colds. Tomorrow we will get back to work and hope to get a lot accomplished this week. On Wednesday we will be working/ministering to the local school children again. This will be our last full week in Ecuador. It is hard to believe how fast the time is going by. Thank you again for your continued prayers and support. This opportunity wouldn’t be possible without it.
Below is a testimony from Josh Brown:
“Ecuador is very different from Boot Camp. It is so much more fun and I find that I learn so much more than what the classes taught me. The altitude difference caused breathing to be a little different but you get used to it. The work project is going very well and our team is getting the job done really quick. Digging the hole was a very tedious job but after about three days we finally got the first pole in the 5 foot 6 inch hole. Sleeping in dorms is such a step up from tents. We get real, half comfortable beds, hot showers and have no mosquitoes. Overall the trip has been an awesome ride. I can definitely wait until we leave.”


  1. Thank you for the wonderful pictures!! I look forward to the updates & to the testimonies. Love and prayers to TEAM ECUADOR!!! Counting the days until you’re home!

  2. Was that you, Jenna, who shared with the church what the team was doing over the summer? I can’t believe there is a Jenny Willms AND a Jenna Willms on this trip or is there? Praying for you!

  3. The updates and pictures are great!! So, cool to hear and see all that you are doing and learning. Continuing to pray for you all and a special “hello” to Andrea. Nice work Team Ecuador!!

  4. Mary we do not have a slide projector or screen. Can you do a power point presentation? Let me know if you get this. You can make your devotion part of your trip if you would like.

  5. Margaret and Gary Light

    I love the pictures it was so good to hear what you are up too. Cannot wait to hear all about Ecuador. Do not miss this summer here it is hot hot 105 today. Love ya Maddi so proud of you and your whole team. Love and hugs from Grandma and Grandpa Light

  6. I love the pictures!! We’re so thankful you all are having a great time working and serving! You are loved and missed. Tell Annabelle & Allison that “Princess” and “Rainbow” are doing well. GO TEAM ECUADOR!!

  7. Linda Hockersmith

    Go team Ecuador!!! We are praying for you all and know that God will bless you efforts…keep up the good work! Love and miss you Kaelea (team Hockersmith)

  8. So proud of the team and my son, TJ! What a wonderful bunch of work you all are accomplishing. Enjoy your great adventure!

  9. Love u and miss u terribly Delaney!! Enjoy the last week and keep up the great work !!! Xxoxox

  10. Nicole & Terry Giesbrecht

    Yay for beds and showers! We’ve been wondering if you got to ditch the tent and bath bucket, thats great news. Delaney, in case you’re thinking that you’re missing a warm and sunny summer here in BC, you’re not, its wet and cold, not great. Enjoy your last full week Team Ecuador! Loving you and praying for you constantly! Love Mom & Dad

  11. Bobbye S. Evans

    Annabelle looks so happy…I’m so thankful to see and hear how the Lord is blessing!

  12. Praying for all of you! Ed Racke, we see you peeking over the shoulder of your teammate. I know your nose and eyeballs! (2nd pic bottom right for those of you that can’t find him)We love you!

  13. Good job Team Ecuador. Praying for you. That shovel looks like a good fit Kade, we have one just like it at home. Keep up the good work.

  14. Shannon Lodholm

    Praying for all of you Team Ecuador! We love you Daniel and Abby! Hang in there baby!!

  15. I am so happy to see all the photos! So happy to see all the smiling faces. Maddi – we miss you!

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