Greetings from the Trinidad team! 12031

Greetings from the Trinidad team! We have truly been enjoying our time here in the lovely island and have been getting a lot done on the pastors house. Thursday the team started back to work on the pastors house. Almost as soon as work had started the first load of block arrived. It was a hard start for the morning as the team unloaded 1260 block by hand. They worked hard and got the job done. We have had a few Trinis working with us and showed the team the Trini way on how to lay a block, it is a bit different then the way they learned at Boot Camp, but they are getting the hang of it. By Saturday, they had four rows of blocks laid and the rebar placed inside the blocks with concrete poured in the blocks. Needless to say, there is a lot of mixing being done for concrete and mortar. One thing that we are trying to get used to here is a thing called “island time”. Basically it means that if the sand and gravel people say they are going to be here at 8:30am, you will probably be waiting all day on them. The team has really been enjoying the meals provided by the Trinis of the church too. They wanted us to remember our wholesome American food tonight and provided for us macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and fried chicken. Very thoughtful. 🙂 The team had the opportunity to take over the service today in church. They did an amazing presentation with songs, dramas and puppets. The head male leader, Sean, preached a sermon. The Trinis were very moved by the team’s presentation and prayed over all of them. They really did do an amazing job. We leaders want to take this moment to thank you for the privilege to lead your most precious possessions this summer. It truly is a blessing to us and we enjoy having each and every one of them. Our prayer is that each teen will take away something from this summer that the Lord will teach them and they will never forget. They have learned so much already and have grown so close as a team. So sad to know it is almost over. Thank you again for entrusting us with your children, we love them all dearly and hope that they will be blessed.

Two team member testimonies

Eli Oxendale writes:
This morning in church we did a presentation and our leader Sean preached the message. Three team member shared testimonies (Isaac, Lia, & Adam) we sang four songs and the Trinis sang along. We also did puppets and some dramas that we learned at boot camp. Several people came up to each team member after and told us how much the presentation meant to them. I realized that everything that we had to share can effect people in different ways.
P.S. I love you mom and dad
P.P.S Morgan says ” I love you mommy”

Chris Manning writes:
Today we had church and everyone had to get in their fancy clothes. We conducted the church service today and it went pretty good. For some reason I think the adults enjoyed the puppets more than the kids. Then we did some dramas and singing and three people gave their testimonies. In one of the dramas I played Jesus even though when we were at Maracus Bay sadly I could still not walk on water. The water was still fun we did a lot of swimming and we ate something called Bake n’ Shark which is basically a fried piece of shark in a giant bread roll. After we ate we were approached by a dude with shelves full of necklaces and shiny things. Obviously because we were Americans he gave us insane prices. We’ve been having a lot of fun. I just quickly wanted to say I miss you Mom & love you. Also Christiana wants to say she misses you all loves you guys a lot! Well that’s it see you August 12th



  1. Gracemarie Peters

    So good to see the updates! Parents, have you received letters yet from your kids? As of today I haven’t received a letter from my daughter from Trinidad. I know to expect it to take awhile, but it has been 2 weeks and 2 days (not that I am counting or anything). Hope to hear from her soon!

    Also, I created a FaceBook page. Can share with each other there, post pics, notes etc. Then the kids can use it as their connection point when they get back.

    TMI Trinidad 12031

  2. Hello 🙂 I havent heard a word on this page from or of Juliet or seen a picture of her either :(. I would like to hear from her please and see a picture of her too. I am so happy for for u all there, and so proud of you too :). Love and miss you like crazy Jules. Love Mom

  3. Pat & Randy Crumpton

    Sounds like you guys got good preparation during boot camp and that you are being adaptable when things change. So glad you are helping out the pastor with his house and I know he will appreciate it. Lots of neat people all over the world love Jesus – it’s great! We love you and miss you, Lia, and look forward to hearing all the stories of your trip. Love, Mom and Dad

  4. Karen Tsoukalas

    Such a blessing to see the team and the Trinis working together and worshipping together! God is awesome! Sending Our Love to Darian 🙂

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