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We have had a busy week since last Thursday. We enjoyed Holiday World with our team and other TTT members and staff. Zach, who had to go to the ER with Mr. Jason the night before for a persistent fever and ear infection, was able to join us and ride all of the roller coasters. The kids all had fun. Some of their favorite rides were the ZOOM-BABWE, Pilgrims Plunge, Mammoth, the Raven, The Legend, and the Voyage. Right before the water parked closed Miss Jessica and I, took those team members we could find and went down a giant water slide together called the jungle racer. It was fun.
On Saturday we participated in the Rally again at TTT. The kids did puppets and did a very good job. For the Rally they had guest from North Carolina with a ministry called INBOUNDS. They are a travelling sports ministry group. The boys and some of the girls al participated in playing KNOCKOUT basketball with them. Sean, Elijah, Nate, and Lucas especially liked their time with these BIG TALL guys.
On Sunday we went to church at Bethany Presbyterian Church. They have no pastor at this church so we basically did the whole service including music, worship, sermon by George Dooms, the TTT Director, and puppets. We then got the privelege of going to GEORGE ROGERS CLARK MEMORIAL HISTORIC NATIONAL PARK. we watched a movie and saw a reenactment about the taking over of Fort Vincennes in 1778. It was really amazing to hear the story of heroic American men, called LONG KNIVES, travelling in ice cold water to fight a battle against the British who greatly outnumbered them. It was a great history lesson for all of us.
We also had a fun night with the kids. We played Four on a Couch and Fruit Basket Upset and also had a BIG SUNDAY SUNDAE PARTY.
The rest of the update will be in the words of the kids themselves telling of their experience last week:
Ellie R.
Evangelizing is actually pretty fun, people say that they would never just go up to someone and start talking about God, but it really isnt that hard. In the past week, I have lead at least 7 people to Jehova. I remember one person I talked to who was sure that she wouldnt go to heaven because they werent good so I took her survey and whent through with her GODS ABCS for salvation and prayed with her. I told her about the youth rally at the TTT building every Saturday and gave her a BIBLE.
Sean H.
On Thursday I went to Holiday World and we had so much fun I had a great time in the fair because I saved four people. Also I had a great time with the TTT members like Greg and Nick. We had to move trees 30 times bigger than me as well after a storm.
Lucas P.
I saved 3 people that I am sure really meant it when they prayed. I had a lot of fun at the fairs and a lot of fun at the rally. Altogether I have had a lot of fun while I have been here.
Nathan W.
Friday I surveyed 15 people in Boonsville IN. 3 out of 15 people I led to Christ and they said they would see me at the rally the next night. They never came. Im praying for all the people I surveyed. SIGNED Still prayinng…..Nathan
Elise M
I am having a awesome time. On Thursday we went to Holiday World and it was really fun. Earlier this week when I was surveying at the Warrick County Fair, I got one person to accept Chrsit. YAY! On Friday we got 93 surveys and 7 decisions for Christ. It was awesome! Last night we had ice cream Sundae party. We are almost done with our trip, and I am really excited to go home. SIGNED…Love Elise
Jessica C
I went to Holiday World. I got a tick on my back. I went to Boonsville In. I got a new roomate.
Elijah S.
Mom Dad, life is great here. They have a pool table for free time. We have been having a great time. They also have a  basketball hoop. We went to Holiday World thursday. We went on the Raven, The Voyage, and Pilgrims Plunge.
Zach M.
This past week we went to Holiday World. Also I got sick but the doctor’s gave me medicine so Im better. I had a hamburger, nachos, a small cup of Mt. Dew, a small cup of Coke, and a Reeses. The fairs were fun and the last day I surveyed 10 people.
Alana W
Within this past week I have done many things. to be more specific, here is my story. At the Warrick County Fair we where giving away water but I wasnt feeling so happy. I felt like I was being yelled at and that no one cared for me until Miss Heather gave me a really nice pep talk and I felt much better and on that day God used me and saved 3 people. Ohh yeah!
Rebecca V
Within the past week I went to the Warrick County Fair in Boonsville IN. I have not lead anyone to Christ yet since Ive been here. Miss Heather told me God chose me to go on this team for some reason. I never found out why yet, but Im determined to lead someone to Christ. We went to Holiday World also. It is the best amusement park ever. It has rides and a huge water park. My life here has been really awesome. My favorite part was Holiday World.
Christopher M.
God has done a lot because he brought me here to Teen Missions. I have learned a lot from Teen Missions and God just changed my life since being here. I have been to five fairs and it has been really fun. We have seen some really cool things and I had a fun time at the fairs. I talked to five people last fair and I really like Holiday World and the Mammoth, which is the biggest ride, and it was really fun. When we were at one fair this week I talked to six people and 2 accepted Christ! I also liked the church we went to on Sunday. The people were really nice there!
My sister Alexis has been with us to every fair too and we enjoy the fairs and our time together. We bought her a baby car and she likes to ride around it here at the building we live at.
Hope you are blessed reading your kid’s messages. Be blessed. This week we will travel to 4 fairs in total. We are praying for 100 salvations. 63 people so far have said YES to Jesus.

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  1. So excited to see another update and thank you for the messages from the kids. 🙂 This summer sounds very busy, but it also sounds like the kids have had a wonderful time of friendship and learning.

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