New Zealand traveling – 12009

We. Are. Out of here.  We are getting ready to travel back in time.  Flight from Christchurch is at 650pm on 7/23.  We arrive in Orlando at 630am on 7/23.

We had a great day cleaning and doing our performance for the church.  At night we had our devotions followed by leadership having individual prayer with any team member who wished to pray.  It was awesome.  What an amazing group of kids we had the privilege  of leading this summer.

We wrapped up the week cooking for a Kaipoi Baptist Community Outreach, performing our presentation in the heart of the red zone and sharing our Teen Missions experience with a youth group from the other side of the island.  These visitors drove over 2.5 hours to hear our story as most of them are interested in missions work.


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  1. Roberta D'Amico

    Grandma can’t wait to see you, Brianna Blanchard!

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