Peru working hard for the Lord! 12024

The Lord has really blessed us this summer with a really awesome team!
Every morning they are so happy to be awake and have the chance to
serve the Lord in Peru by building this church and ministering to the
people who come to help everyday.  This week we have gotten quite a
lot of work done. Since last week we got the footer done, we took down
the frames for the footer, began hauling sand in for the mortar and
sifted out the rocks for the concrete.  Once all of that was done we
were ready to begin laying the bricks. We then set the string for the
layout of the bricks and begin laying bricks. So far we have about 3
walls with 11 layers of brick.  We were once again blessed to have
bricks, as we were told there was a 30-day back order of them. We also
got the smaller bricks and not the bigger ones they were using years
past. Our goal for this week is to have the bricks built up to the
header, the windows and doorframes in place and to begin steel tying
for the header.

On Sunday we had many opportunities for Evangelism within the
community around us. Judy and Dimas asked if the team would be willing
to teach Sunday School to the kids at the El Shaddai Bible Missionary
Church. Of course, there was no hesitation and the team began putting
together a plan. We had a time of worship, where the kids learned
English songs and the movements that went along with them.  The team
explained each song to the kids and shared what it meant to them.
They also did about 3 puppet songs, shared their testimonies and at
the end of the service 9 kids accepted Jesus as their personal Savior!

On Sunday night the team did street evangelism. We gathered babies,
kids, teens and adults to come and here the team’s presentation. All
in all we had about 50 people attend. The team really enjoyed getting
to know the people in the community, share stories and have good
fellowship with the Peruvian people. At the end of the presentation we
had about 13 people accept Jesus into their hearts! We praise God for
the work he is doing in the lives of the Peruvians!

This week the team also got to have some free time and spent a few
hours at the pool. Behind the church where we are staying is the
Gabilanes Hotel, where there is a really nice swimming pool and a
place to get sodas and snacks. Since the weather has been hot, humid
and dry, it was very refreshing for them to jump into a cold pool!
They really enjoyed that time to relax and spend together as a team.

“What I love about being in Peru with Teen Missions is that it has
really taught me more about Jesus and what it means to have a personal
relationship with him and it has provided me with the opportunity to
be distraction free and to focus completely on him. I have experiences
and meet so many people and done things that I never thought I would
do. I love being out on the project site and seeing how God is using
our team and the amount of work that is being accomplished every day.
I am truly amazed and how good our God is!”
-Dezurrae Acosta

“Peru has been such a great experience for me. God has taught me to be
more content in so many things, I’ve learned to spend my time more
wisely (how can I not when I have 3 minute showers). Being her has
made me so grateful for everything back at home, like washing
machines. I do love it here though! Dimas and Judy have been so
gracious to us, giving up their home and so  much more for our use.
The work we have been doing on the church is hard and at times I feel
like if I lift another bucket of dirt I am going to fall over.  One of
our bible memory verses we had to memorize was Philippians 4:13, ‘I
can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ I say this verse
in my head constantly and it is as if God renews my strength. I know
leaving this place in 2 weeks will be very difficult.”
-Karrah Schneiderwent



  1. Praise the Lord for His ever present hand and guidance in your lives!

  2. Karen and J.R. Carr (parents of Whitney)

    Peru Team we keep you close in our hearts daily. We ask God to strengthen you and give you a perservering heart and spriit. Just know that when you leave that place you have left a great deal of yourself there. It will be there for many years to come (both bricks and mortar and the spirit of the Lord)!!!

  3. Peru 12024! It’s the 2nd half… are leading…….stick with the basics……finish well!
    You will make a difference to the watchers. We are cheering you on with prayer.

  4. The Peru team is in our prayers daily. We are praising God for the work that is being accomplished through you, both physically and spiritually. As you continue to press on, remember the words of Isaiah 40:31; “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength…”

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