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From July 22–Greetings to you on this hot Ugandan day! We are thankful to have a tarped roof over our outdoor eating site to provide shade. Although the weekend moves at a different pace it has had a lot of new experiences for the team.

First of all, Saturday was their big EV day. Children started to show up at the rescue unit (Refuge of Hope) as early as 8:00 a.m. Before lunch the orphans worked in their gardens at the unit. They were very curious about the team and would watch them during the Bible study and GG classes. After lunch the team went straight into doing their children’s presentation. They sang, “These are the days of Elijah, Whether it rains, Jesus loves me and a few more. They also performed 2 puppet songs, the laughing song and Child of the king. After that Annesly Dehaven and Nicholas Mullins taught some songs to the children including, Give me a J and Every move I make .After that Wictoria Webber, Elena Demos and Bobbie Anderson taught a Bible story. They taught the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego found in Daniel 3. They related the story back to the Gospel which was very valuable. Next it was decided games would be best which was led by Taylor Adams, Ariel Lee and Aiha Lau. The children enjoyed playing games such as Fire on the Mountain. After that the team put their Boot camp training to work and taught phonics. Once the program was officially over they still played some more games with them and just enjoyed fellowshipping with the children.

Elena Demos has the following to say about their Saturday, “When we sat the kids down to start our presentation they were really excited, and got even more excited when we started singing and they joined in with the motions to songs like Days of Elijah, Every Move I make and Give me a J. Then when we played games with them they clung to us in our groups and enjoyed Chicken, chicken, pig which is a version of Duck, duck, Goose. They enjoyed listening to a Bible story and they learned the alphabet song for phonics. We played a game called Fire on the mountain and one little girl always wanted to be in my group, she actually tried to shove another kid out of the way. We all got along playing the games and it was really cool to see that kids are virtually the same everywhere. We also started filming yesterday (set) in and the kids that were in it absolutely loved being with us and in the film”

After the eventful day they had a fun night with games and a bonfire for team devotions. Adrian Merquez shared her testimony last night and it really encouraged her team members to hear about how she overcame some of her struggles through her walk with the Lord.

On Sunday the team went to the Church of God church. They left at 9:00 a.m. For a half an hour walk and got back at close to 2:00. Let me allow Aiha Lau to tell you about their church experience.

“The walk to church was about half an hour long which was funny because we expected it to be 5 minutes. When we got there we only saw about 10 people but when I turned around about 10 minutes later it was jammed and people kept coming in during the message. Worship was led by 5 girls and they made everyone joyous and ecstatic. We heard from 3 different choirs and we presented our presentation. Everyone was extremely friendly and they talked about the colors of our skin and how we are still brothers and sisters in Christ. It was honestly the first time I never really got tired at church and I can’t wait for next Sunday. P.S. Love you Mom and Dad and I miss you.

The team plans to continue to work on laying blocks of the class room at the school and will continue to work on filming the promotional video of the school.

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  1. Praise God who have given you this opportunity to become blessings to the Uganda people.I can imagine the joy you all share when you sing, play games and learn about God together with the children there. I wish I could be in the church worshiping God with you all. Please send Aika my love.

  2. So happy to hear from the team. I praise God for the work He’s doing in each of your lives and of those in Uganda. We are all praying for you. God Bless!

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