Uganda Film – 12026—5

From July 19 – Greetings from our project site! On Tuesday afternoon we left the Nakabango base and headed for the Bunawenyi Secondary School. The ride was only 2 hours on the TMI truck and when we arrived we went down to the property to the Refuge of Hope Rescue Unit to set up our living spaces. We set up our tents in a circle and put most of the cooking things inside the unit in a n empty room. On the second day it rained a bit but the team had an opportunity to go up to the school and pick up some desks to use as tables to eat at or have classes. Life here is really different from what the team members are used to, but they all have a really good attitude towards any of the challenging differences.

At the rescue unit there are several chickens (and chicks) that roam around during the day. The team members really like to watch the animals, especially Adrian Marquez. There is also a little pig at the unit.

Today the team started laying bricks on the squatties (outside toilet) at the unit. They worked on the corners and have completed 3 courses on the front. Kat Jimenez and Taylor Adams had the opportunity to stand on the scaffolding to lay the bricks. The team does not have to walk very far to get water for mixing mortar (or for bathing, or for filtering for drinking, etc.) which they enjoy because there are often people around from the community getting water for themselves.

Nicholas Mullins says his favorite thing about where we are staying is that th people area really funny and nice,

Adrian Marquez says the following about here first impressions of the unit:

@When we got here a bunch o little children ran up to say hi to us. And I felt bad for them , like they didn’t really see anyone besides the people that were around. Seeing how they live in their everyday life made me feel bad, like have sympathy for them. When I get home I want to do something, I don’t know like I start an organization to get people to come out here, or donate clothes. I felt really welcomed when I got here and like the children want the help from us. Going to the well to get water is fun because the people are so friendly and want to know your name and where you’re from, you wouldn’t do that in America. It makes me realize how spoiled I am and how ignorant people in America can be.!

The team has enjoyed beginning the project and the filming will start soon. Elena Demos has the following to say about the work project;

“So I have been able to work on placing the bricks on top of the squatties. I’ve been able to mix mortar for the squatties and that was my favorite job so far because when you are mixing the mortar it is all separated and then you mix it all together, it’s like the Trinity-san, cement and water.”

Victory Webber ‘s favorite parts about this place is the well, the weather and the nature and stars.

Ariel Lee likes how I am sleeping in a four person tent with only 2 people, how the squatties are open (so it doesn’t smell) and how the water is so close and also Wilber the pig (not oliver she says that is not his name).

Prayer requests…

Good health and strength for each new day

Praise for safe arrival to the project

for strength when they get home to fight any past temptations

for a successful project

team unity and honesty.


Uganda Film Team


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  1. Elizabeth Irene Bush

    Study this Book of Insturuction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. On;ly then will you prosper and succeed in all you do. This is my command- BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. JOSHUA 1:8-9.Words God spoke toJoshua 3000 yrs ago, a young man being prepared to lead the people. Remember God is preparing each of you for great things. Thank you team and leaders for being brave and courageous in all your work and hard adjustments in a strange land. Be a blessing and be diligent in hearing God speak thru all those little people you are teaching. It is good to know that you are thinking about life when you return.Your testimonies encourage each other.Though yiou are young, the world tempts you much.Special hugs and kisses to Liz. IN HIM Mama
    thinking about life when you return and that your testimonies are encouraging each other because thouh you are young the world tempts you in many ways. God bless you all.Special hugs and kisses to Liz.

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