Zambia Water Filter – 12021

Laurie Harris
After spending a couple of days at the base, we rode in the back of our truck along dusty roads out to the first of the three rescue units that we will be visiting.  Over the past couple of days, we’ve been playing with the orphans and helping the facilitators with jobs around the unit such as harvesting corn.  As for water filters, we will still be giving two to the unit and two to the local school.

Yesterday we handed out donated clothes to some of the people here.  The children were smiling as they realized that the clothing was now theirs.  It was sad that some of the clothes were way to big for children but still they were all very very happy to receive what they were given.   I am overwhelmed by how much more work there will be left undone when we leave.  Though our work here this summer is helping people, it is important to remember that the real work being done here is being done by the facilitators who labour here throughout the year to develop these communities.

Leslie Gore
Wow, has this summer ever been an adventure so far.  I have learned that I really can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.  When I first arrived we were introduced to so many new things and I couldn’t help but think “I can NOT do this!”  But I did, and I am still alive and well.  Africa is absolutely beautiful.  The orphans don’t let go of you.  The weather is perfect and the culture is so diverse and unique.  But there is so much need over here.  The people are lucky if they have one outfit to wear day in and day out.  Most people don’t have a pair of shoes.  It took all of my strength not to go into my tent and grab all my stuff and give it to them.  I am so blessed.  I miss my dad and family and friends and am excited to come home but a big part of my heart will always be right here in Africa.  Thank you to everyone who has prayed for me and supported me.  Love you all!  Can’t wait to see you.

Faith Brown
My time so far in Zambia has been such an amazing experience.   I can feel the presence of God working here.  When we went to Sunday School with all the children there was a beautiful little girl who wouldn’t let go of my hand.  I loved playing games and singing Jesus songs with her.  I can’t wait until we go to the next units to see what God has in store for me and also my team.

Morgan McGowan
On Sunday we went to church with the children in the area and we got to participate in Sunday School.  We sang songs and played games with the children before church started.  We were able to do a few songs and our puppets in the church before the twenty minute walk back to the base where we spent the rest of the day playing with more children.

Deborah Carey
Remarks on Zambia!  In Lufwanyama, Yiwa Lau and I had the opportunity to cook porridge alongside mothers of the village.  As we entered the hut, I was expecting the women to be offended by our intrusion. However instead, Gertrude and Nora (as we found out their names) grabbed us by the hands and had the translator interpret “We cook together!”  The porridge ingredients is offered every three days from the unit (they receive enough for that many days) and it contains particles of nuts, corn, salt, and other nutritional substances to be served to the children as a way to avoid malnutrition. Gertrude and Nora exemplified the expression, “It takes a village to raise a child.” as they served bowl after bowl, taking just a spoonful for themselves.  God is truly at work through these rescue units. Whether it be a place for the community to enjoy fellowship or a training center for young mothers to learn how to make porridge, among other things.  I am so honored to serve the people of Zambia and am soaking up every moment in the beautiful country!

Matthew Rich
The first week at Boot Camp I thought I would die.  Then I found some verses that helped me to trust in the Lord and He will give me the courage I needed most that day.  Now that we are in Zambia, the struggle is not so hard, but as we passed out clothing it crushed my heart to see them with so little.

Victoria Bent
During my time in Zambia, I have learned that God can use everything that we do, big or small to glorify Himself.  I have also learned that God’s love is so unending and faithful that it is indescribable.  I was blessed with ability to hand out clothes to the orphans and seeing that they were thankful for the little we could give them touches your heart in places you forget were there.  Thank you for all of your prayers.  And a great big God Bless from Zambia!!!  Lots of love!

Rebecca Gonzales
God is amazing.  I can’t explain how blessed I am.  This experience that I am having here is unique.  We are having a great moment with the children’s playing and dancing.  Zambia is amazing place, the people the way they are, is beautiful.  I am learning a lot from Jesus and the way that He loves us.  I know and I feel that God is working with a lot of areas of my life.  I am doing things that I never thought of doing.  We give to children and that fills me with joy, seeing all those children receiving a shirt or pants.  Before coming here, I was a little bit scared but then I was in my moment with God and turned to this in the Bible.  Psalm 121.  “God is the help of those who seek him.  The Lord is my keeper.”  I don’t have to fear anything.  I have a peace in my heart because I am doing what God called me to do.  I love Jesus.  I am very blessed.  Experience:  I saw a girl and I was watching her and I opened my arms to hug her and she was little bit shy and then she came and hugged me.   Then all the other children came had hugged me, too.  It is wonderful to transmit the love of god to other people.



  1. Michele L. Siemasko

    So Inspiring, to read posts from a wonderful group!Praying for safety there & traveling home!Michele L. Siemasko

  2. Anne Helsby Young

    I’ve been praying! Every day … sometimes many times a day, as I envision you there (Deborah)being “Jesus, with skin on” to those specific ones He sent you to. I’ve been praying Psalm 139, asking Our Great God, who SEES and KNOWS to keep giving you His eyes in every circumstance. HE IS SO GOOD! I’ll be here to hug you when you get back:)

  3. We continue to pray for the whole team. I have not had the privilege to know all the members of the team, but I do know my special friend, Yiwa. As I pray her, I envision the whole team and lift them all up to the Lord. Please let them know (and Yiwa) that our family of 8 in Culver City, CA, including 3 former orphans, are praying everyday!
    Praise the Lord for their response to His commission to take care of the orphans. We are very proud of each of you.

  4. Awesome Reports!!!
    Thank you for being Christ followers who perform acts of kindness, love and gentleness. Your compassion is overflowing like God’s Blessings!!
    Keep up the great work you are doing and keep sharing the LOVE.

  5. It’s so encouraging to hear from all of you! Praying for you, Matthew, and the entire team!

  6. So proud of all of you! You and your works will be remembered by the Zambia people/orphans and our Lord Jesus. What a blessing that you can have this opportunity to bless other people who will in turn bless and enrich your lives.
    I wish I could taste some of the porridge Yiwa and Deborah made. Please send my love to Yiwa Lau.

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