Cameroon – 12015—2

Dear all

We have had quite the adventure we spent four nights and three full days of ministry in Benakuma. We had to walk each way to the village center up and down the hills for an hour.  The second day the word had gotten out we were an eyeglass medical team and we had hundreds of people there. We treated 500 medically and examined and handed out 345 pairs of eyeglasses.  We did multiple puppet shows, played with the kids and 20 accepted Christ as savior.

We are currently back at the base holding clinics at the Nsongwa hall each day.   We have two more days of ministry here before we go to another rescue unit.  We have handed out 360 pair of eyeglasses in the last two days and treated over 200 medically.  We have been praying with each person and they are so grateful.  Today the old ladies were dancing with joy and shouting “praise the lord we de see”.
We are having a great time. The team is filled with good eaters and they keep the lady leaders busy cooking for them.   Their only flaw is they have messy tents.

Thank you for your faithful prayers.



  1. Esther Matteson

    I should have noted that I am Kimberly’s grandma in Indiana. I see that there is another Oregonian in this group besides Kim.

  2. Esther Matteson

    Messy tents, huh? Their ONLY flaw?!!!! They must be a pretty great bunch!

  3. My first missions trips were with TMI. I have since worked in Cameroon for 8 years and we plan to return again soon. I love to hear about how God is blessing the people there!

  4. Wonderful, wonderful report! Thank you! Our prayers are with you daily. We are so thankful for all the amazing opportunities before this team. May God give them many more, and perform amazing works in and through each of them, for His glory. Thank you team leaders for all your love and care!

  5. Oh the happy dance to JESUS! Amazing and wonderful at what our LORD is doing in Cameroon!! Praising the LORD for all the treatments, eye glasses and that the ladies are singing praises to the LORD 🙂 Sounds like all that walking would work up an appetite for sure. Will pray for the cooks to be able to keep up and tents not so messy. 🙂 Love and blessings to you all and especially Treyton….(please tell him his cow had a heifer calf born 7/24/2012 and we are calling her Cameroon!) Trey’s Grandma in La Pine, Oregon

  6. So thankful for how the Cameroon team is being used ! What a great report. Lord, continue your work in and through them.

  7. We are excited to hear this updates! They are all growing teens and eat like dinosaurs 🙂 I got to do grocery shopping every other day and cook constantly while our boys are at home. Thanks to our beloved leaders. I google Benukuma and it is an awesome beautiful place! There is one clip on youtube, captures the singing and dancing of those children in Orphans Camp, they are filled with joy and shouting out for “Jesus”.

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