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It’s hard to believe we arrived in Paris 2 weeks ago today. Time is slipping by quickly! The team has been in great spirits and getting better and better at sharing their faith with the people of Paris. We have been doing much the same with the Cijem group this last week, going into the Metro and the plaza at Trocadero near the Eiffel Tower to evangelize. On Sunday, we closed out the time with Cijem with a picnic, some Scripture, and then observed Communion with all of them.

This week started us on new mission work with Youth With a Mission and Youth for Christ. The YWAM has been performing dramas and music to draw the crowd and now we get to be an active part in this as well. The team was able to perform their drama ‘The Cage’, which they learned at Boot Camp on the plaza last night! Before and after performing, they are handing out literature, book marks, Bibles, etc. alongside of the YWAM groups. We are working with JP Longeron from Youth for Christ and have enjoyed him immensely. He is even spending some time each day teaching the team French! Each day we are practicing doing our dramas and puppets in the morning and then head out in the afternoon to do the evangelization. This will be our schedule for most of the week.

As always the kids are enjoying the food! We walk everywhere so they (we) all may be a little leaner when we get home even though we’re eating plenty. Next week (Tuesday) we’ll be heading down to a camp about 8 hours south of Paris to do some evangelizing there! Please pray for safety in travel and that wherever we go we’ll “Do all to the Glory of God”.


Bonjour et que Dieu les benisse!

Before joining the TMI France mission, I had a dream from God. I’d dreamt I was looking out my window, hearing rainfall but not seeing it. I turned and saw a stream flowing from my wall. The stream was a glowing, beautiful color and though it touched the ground, it didn’t flood. Inside I felt no fear, but serenity and spiritual peace in my heart. This dream has symbolized what has occurred throughout this trip since Day 1.

We were informed about the cold hearts toward the Gospel in France. We were told about the nearly 95% of Frenchmen who’ve never even heard of the name of Jesus. But we never knew there were so many French young adults so passionate to share the Gospel with their country! Whenever our team prayed or sang worship songs with them, God’s presence was there. I could feel the movement of the Holy Spirit as we lifted up our hands and voices to praise God. Just being with them has been a blessing to me because it fed my desire to share my faith with as many souls as possible.

It’s amazing to see how the French are receptive to the Gospel through singing songs on Le Metro. It was even more so when handing out free Christian DVD’s and cd’s to the Muslim community of Barbese on Ramadan. Ministering to a metropolitan crown near the Eiffel Tower has been a huge medium for reaching lost souls. God takes each of us to the people He wants us to share our faith with, and afterwards you’ll see those people flipping through the Christian literature pensively. I know that each one of those souls has been planted a seed of the Gospel and now it’s in God’s hands.

Like the beautiful stream in my dream, the blessing of hearing the Gospel has touched the soil of France. We don’t see it flooding, but we have peace and joy knowing that God is working in lives in France! I declare salvation in France, in the name of Jesus Christ! Can I get an Amen!

Heather Santiago

The past few weeks we have been working with a church. We ate together, worshipped together, and evangelized together. This allowed us to see the hearts of the people in the French Church and I can tell you they are on fire. They blaze in a city full of darkness.

Just walking through the metro you can feel the darkness in the city. The Church, right now is few, but they are ready and willing to be used by God, and as a result they are growing. After working with these people, I will never be the same again. The way they live their lives is so brilliant that everything they do testifies God’s love. When I get home I will try with all my heart to shine with the same brilliancy, to show Christ to others in this way.

Bethany Lamoureux

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  1. AMEN Heather. Thank you for that AWESOME testimony. May God continue to work in a mighty way through Team France. Although my son is on Team Ecuador I have been reading all of the team reports and have been blessed by what I am hearing. YEA GOD!!!

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