Hello from the Islands! Trinidad – 12031

Hello from the Islands! So much work has been done this week and the house is really looking great. We are hoping to get all of the blocks laid to the top of the first story so that we can frame and form the floor of the second story this weekend. We have been getting a lot of help from Trinis and they are teaching the team different things about building a house “Trini style” (meaning, it is a little different than what they learned at Boot Camp). Today is July 25th, and we have a little tradition on teams we like to call Christmas in July! The team has been looking forward to celebrating it. They already began singing carols at the breakfast line. The church here had a cute Christmas type tree in storage and we leaders brought it down to the middle of our big room as our Christmas tree. We also have what is called secret prayer partners, or spp. We put every ones name in a bowl and have each team member pick out a name, the name they pick out will be the person they pray for all summer. There is a bucket in the kitchen that they may write notes of encouragement to them. And through all the time, it will remain a secret whom each person is praying for until the end. With it being Christmas in July today, we find it fun for the team to find some kind of stocking “sock” stuffers for their spp. We hope to purchase a new pair of socks for each of the team members. We also have a fun Christmas dinner with stuffing, green bean casserole, turkey (canned), mashed potatoes and the girls want to bake Christmas cookies for dessert. We have decorations and even a three second hug mistletoe hanging from the top of the door. So creative! It’s a fun little tradition to keep the days interesting. And the kids really enjoy it. Tomorrow is the big day when we head out to Tobago. We will be getting up very early, 3:30am, so that we can be at the docks by about 4:30 to meet our ferry at 6:30. Once we reach Tobago, we will go to the house by the beach we will spend the night in and from there, go sightseeing. We are hoping to go on a glass bottom boat tour, among other things there are to see in Tobago. Many Trinis are telling us how beautiful Tobago is and we will want to go come back to Trinidad just to go to Tobago. Needless to say, the team is very excited! Please continue to keep our team in prayer, there has been plenty of talks about the unity of the team even among the team members to the rest of the team. It is great to see a team be challenged from within and see how the Lord can work in them.

Testimonies from two team members:
Morgan Mitchell says:
Hey everyone,
So I get to write the update today. Trinidad is wonderful! The trini’s are so kind to us & brings us food ALL the time. The pastor’s sons & other teens from the church come & hang out with us often we always have a good time.
Work on the house is getting along well. We’re about halfway done with the first story. The church is pretty amazed at the speed we are working and it’s incredible because God provided extra money for us to buy supplies to continue building.
God’s doing crazy things in our team, please be praying for all of us. We are Ike a big family (for the most part) and it will be hard leaving at the end of the summer, however, everyone is getting homesick, soo I have a bunch of shout outs (mail is super slow here).
Chelsea says “hi” to all of her Canadians. Lydia, Irina, Christian, Adam and Christiana say “hey” to their friends and family and Haley says “Happy Birthday to Riley and her Aunt.
Today we’re celebrating Christmas in July. We get new, clean socks from our leaders, Christmas dinner and Christmas carols. Tomorrow we’re waking up around 3 or 4 to hop on a ferry and go to Tobago. We’ll spend Thursday night there and come back Friday afternoon. (Lots of beach time!) We’re all super excited!
Well that’s what’s going on. Less than 3 weeks! It’s crazy. We talk about coming to boot camp & feeling like the summer would NEVER END. Now it’s almost over & it feels like it’s gone by too fast. We love it, but can’t wait to see you guys again!

(Isaac & Eli say I love you mom)
Mom, Bailey, David, Ben & Andrew: I love you guys like crazy and miss you almost as much. See you in August!

James Sanders says:

This week I got a view a Overseas county hospital. I cut my hand pretty deep. We thought I might need stitches but the doctor said it was a clean cut. I’ve been also struggling with my verses. So I need prayer in that area. I’m excited about going to Tobago. Thanks to God for the teams safety.



  1. Great to hear all the updates -and a word from you Abby!
    I’ve been praying for you, and can’t wait to hear all about it in person when you return home. Love you so much dear sister! Blessings on the remainder of your time there 😀

  2. Katherine Dawkins

    Nice to hear from you Abby – You are looking and sounding your happy self! I’m glad it’s proving to be a wonderful experience for you. Isn’t your heavenly Father so good to you?!! Maddie’s been home for a total of about three days so far this summer. She’s at camp now. I’ll see her in a couple of weeks. She sends oodles of love to you – and me too!
    God bless you. Remember, His Word is more real then what we sometimes experience. Sometimes we get to experience the fullness of His Word. More and more. Hope you are doing that this summer. Love Katherine xx

  3. angela (Isaacs aunt)

    I love you Isaac.I am so proud of you for the amazing things you are doing with your group.Miss you kiddo and I cant wait to see you when you get back.

  4. What a great idea to have secret prayer partners! Prayer is the best! And great pictures of everyone working so hard for the Lord! Miss you Darian! Love, Grandma

  5. Thanks for the updates, hope your time in Tobago is amazing . . . nice to see everyone so happy serving the Lord! Prayers and blessings, Kim

  6. Thanks for the update, Morgan! It is good to hear from you! So glad you are having a good time and blessing the Trinis. We miss you tons and love you lots!

  7. I love you too Isaac! I’m praying for you every day! I’m sure your having a WONDERFUL time! It sounds awesome! So happy for you to be going to Tobago! I can’t wait to hear all about it-and see pictures! Love you lots! Mom

  8. Darian!!! I see you working hard! I am also counting the days until your return!!! I know that you are having a great adventure. Trinidad leaders thank you for giving D the opportunity that he has had. Your self sacrifice and leadership for the Lord has not only effected the Trinis, and Trinidad Team but his whole family as well. Thank you!

  9. DARIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So proud of you dude! We pray for you daily and talk and think about you all of the time. It’s so cool what you are doing and I soooo wish I could be there with you. What you are doing is so meaningful and so important to so many people, both here and there. You are really doing God’s work and I look up to you for the time and effort you have given to help share Jesus with those who need Him. We love and miss you and are excited to see you soon and hear all about the trip. I pray this experience has open your eyes the world and has stirred your heart to dream big and follow God all ove rthis amazing world!!!

    Thank you to the Trinidad Team and their leaders for sharing in this experience with our son. You are all an example for us to follow. Stay strong and we will be praying for all of you daily. We love you!!!!

    Darian’s Dad

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