Italy Backpack – 12013—2

The last few days we stayed at a campground and have had a nice rest and good time of evangelism. There has been a good crowd as it was a weekend of a celebration of their patron saint. Our last performance was in the campground itself and the owner had loaned us his sound equipment and microphone.  While setting up, some dark clouds moved in and we began to pray that God would hold off the rain until our presentation was over. We witnessed the clouds parting over the top of us and move behind us within a matter of minutes.  After we finished our program, the clouds grew back together and it began to rain.  We had a wonderful time of thanksgiving and praise as we have seen God show up and answer our prayers on many occasions.

The weather had been cool with some rain.  The morning of pack up we had some wet tents and sleeping bags to dry out.  We made it on the bus to the next campground by noon after deciding to bypass 1/3 of the hiking trail due to tired and sore bodies.  We are now settled in another beautiful area called Bobbio Pellica.  The team has performed and evangelized in the open market square a few times. Today we went to visit the ministry Operation Mobilization which is across the way from us. They invited the team back to use their grills for a cookout if time permitted.  We are staying here till Friday morning to do evangelism and catch up on our classes. We will be  headed back on the trail on Friday and hike through Sunday to cover another mountain pass. Please continue to pray for safety and good health.

Johnathan Chei and Gabriela Powell shared their testimonies with the team last night. Tonight Jonnah Herd and Katie Kim will be sharing with the team.  We also learned about some of the history of the Waldensian Christians from long ago that still inhabit this area.  Everyone seems to be recovering from their colds and healing from their sore muscles.

Allie Parker and Sarah Powell stayed back with a lady leader to help cook the meals yesterday. They both seemed to enjoy the time to cook.  Junstin Dowers and Ahnie Loncle helped in the kitchen today. The team is enjoying the Italian food and the great bread that is available to us fresh each day.  The weather has been warmer at this campground with clear skys but lots of shade among the trees.

Thanks so much for your prayers and keeping up with our team.


It has been a bit rainy and overcast at this campground. We did have a few wet tents to dry out before packing our backpacks for the next adventure.  Last night we did a presentation in the campground for the tourists and locals. The owners of the camp offered their sound system and microphone and set it all up for us to use.  The clouds began to grow very dark just before we were about to begin. We gathered the group and began to pray for God to hold back the rain till we were finished.  As we began to sing, we saw a small opening in the clouds where a bit of blue sky began to show through.  The dark clouds parted and moved behind us while we continued our presentation. Just as we finished, about 20 min. later, the clouds grew back together and it began to rain. We quickly moved all the equipment back inside and rejoiced over answered prayer.  It has been a wonderful experience for the team to witness God’s hand in every aspect of our time together.


The team has arrived at Bobbio Peliche, a small village where Operation Mobilization ministry is located.  We bypassed 1/3 of the hiking trail and traveled one day by several buses to arrive here.  It is a very beautiful location, as all of Italy has been so far.  The weather has warmed up a bit but most of the team still enjoys sleeping 3 to a tent  for the company and warmth.  Last night Johnathan Chei  and Gabriela Powell shared their testimonies with the team.  We also learned a bit about the history of the Waldensian Christians that used to reside in this area of Italy.  Tonight, Johnna  Herd and Katie Kim will be sharing with the team.  OM, the ministry across the way, has invited us over to use their grill for a cookout.

Yesterday the team performed in front of the city hall while the street market was in progress.  The sound system didn’t work to well but they continued forward with the program.  Several of the team walked around to pass out tracts and talk with whomever they could. They have all become more bold in sharing their faith and we can see the growth in them in this short amount of time that they have been with us.

Allie Parker and Sarah Powell were on KP yesterday and they stayed back in the evening to help prepare the meal and guard the camp.  Today, Justin Dowers and Ahnie Loncle are on KP and they helped with the shopping for the next few days while we will be at the campground.

Everyone is doing better with colds and sore muscles as we have taken these few days to rest and renew our strength.  We will be back on the hiking trail again Friday morning through Sunday. Please continue to pray for safety and health and high spirits as we finish our last leg of the mountain trails.



  1. You guys and gals sound like our God is following you to make sure his message is getting to our Italian neighbors. Miss you Andrew hope all is well with you. Sent you another letter last Friday hope you got it.


  2. How wonderful to hear of all your adventures! We are continuing to pray for your team – that the Lord will strengthen and sustain you during your last major trek there in Italy. May God continue to use you all and bless your every encounter!!

  3. It is soooo exciting to hear what God is doing…and really exciting when He “shows up” that fast, eh? Awesome witness to how great our God is! Sounds like you are doing well. You are probably on the trail again, so…hike hard, rely on God, and have a Blessed Day. We miss you and love you (Dad says hugs to you Punkin Pie). Loved the pictures.
    Love, Mom

  4. Praise the Lord! God’s blessing to Italy Team. We all miss you Katie…
    Love seeing your smile. I pray for you and your team daily as you work for God. I am so glad that God is using and training you and your team to his purpose.
    Hope enjoy the time in Italy….Love Mom & Dad

  5. Praise God for all he is doing through the team! We can’t wait to hear of what God ha
    has done through you all! Very exciting! Let Allison P we love her very much!

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