Malawi Preteen – 12074

Last Week in Malawi.

It’s 5:00am and off in the distance of our tent site I can already hear the donkeys making noise! As the team members get up they can see monkeys on the wall of the fence and can hear the morning birds singing. The lady leaders are making baked oatmeal and the team is doing their laundry. With such a beautiful morning why would we be sad? Because today starts our last week in Malawi! While many of us our beginning to get excited to see North America and families some of the team would like to stay in Malawi!

Malawi Preteen at Debrief

(Don’t worry moms and dads I will not let them stay) But I have had a couple say to me that they want to be full time missionaries in Africa when they grow up.

The project is almost done! The fence got finished this morning (Monday) and all the barbwire is around the top, middle and bottom. The barbwire was the hardest part to do! The team had to be very careful to crab the middle parts as not get poked by the wire. They did a wonderful, but of course some of them did get poked! One of the boys called it man sowing because we weaved the wire through the fence. Then it was time to hammer it in. Some of the kids wished they had more practice in hammering. But they all did well. I think one of the girls spent 15 minutes on one nail but she got it in! Now all we have to do is make the gates and the fence will be done! The fence is going to help them so much. Even while we have been working on the garden we have had to chase out goats and chickens. We will finish planting the garden on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Thursday the team walked into the village and did a presentation in the market place. It was a wonderful experience to shine the light of Jesus to the people around them. On Saturday the team spent the evening play games together as a team! It is always fun just to hang out as team and laugh with each other. (But I think us leaders have a little bit more fun just watching how funny your kids can be) We truly feel blessed as leaders to have Your Children! We love watching them have fun and grow in the Lord. Just to share a funny moment with you all. I was in sitting doing some paper work and I heard off in the back ground “Welcome to McDonald’s. How may I take your order”Next voice “I would like a cheeseburger please” “Um I am sorry we don’t have cheeseburgers just African food!” It gave me smile and made me laugh! I hope it does the same for you!

Last night (Sunday) the team got to sing to the Malawi Preteen Boot Camp as they commissioned. They watched as the Malawian walked out with their candles. It was a good reminder as to why they came to Malawi. To take the Light of the World into the darkness. The team also had fun singing along to the rally music..

We keep giving glory to God that the team has been VERY healthy. With that being said because of it being on the cool side. Some of the kids have been getting some stuffy noises and a little cough. Miss Andy gave them all some Vic’s Vapour Rub and some good hot tea! They are all doing better and we are very thankful. Please keep praying for the health of the kids and leaders. We are leaving a week from today and all of their sightseeing is at the end of the week. It would be really sad for some of them to get sick this last week! So please pray that we will all stay strong and healthy. Also pray that the team will stay focused on the job ahead this next week and not think about home to much. We don’t want them to be so focused on going home that they miss out on what God still wants to show them.

Thank you again for your prayers! Parents your kids are doing wonderful and us leaders will miss them dearly when we send them home to you!

Here are some of the things Your Kids have been saying.

I never know how much I had till I came to Africa or how simple my life was at home-Aliza

This whole experience has opened my eyes and I will never look at things the same. You can see pictures all you want but until you come to Africa you will not understand-John

This trip has taught be how grateful I am to have a mom and a dad. I can’t believe these children don’t know what it is like not to have one- Gabriela

I am so thankful for running water and my shower at home- Mia.

God has helped my to get into the Library Books this year without any help in my reading-May

I want to live in Africa when I grow up- Nadia






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