Montana 12030

Written by Samantha Helminger:
Everything is going great! The reservation here is so beautiful! So far the house we’ve been building is coming together so fast! It’s amazing to see what God is doing here. We’ve also been doing a few side projects like, helping with re-painting another Indian’s house. One of the little native girls came over to help us; it was so cute! I love you -Samantha Helminger-
Written by Aaron Wiggins:
Hi my name is Aaron Wiggins. This week we did vespers on top of a mountain and it was cool. God is doing mighty things for this team and He is bringer us closer together. Mom I miss you soo much and I’m praying for you Sasna Warren lol I love you and can’t wait to go home to see you and the rest of the family.
Written by Kyle Bass:
Montana is prety cool. It rained really hard and got all of our stuff soaked but it was a really cool experience. Evening devos was really cool cause we did it on a hill near the mountains.
Written by Katie Minter:
When I first came to our work project here in Montana, I hated it. I didn’t say so on the outside, but on the inside I was complaining about all the work. But God was working on my heart, and He has taught me to love these jobs that He has assigned me to do, to do them joyfully for Him, not for men.
Written by Cody Spinadel:
This trip has been really fun and I have met so many good people. On the 21st (Sat) of July we slept in the tepees! So far it’s been really fun.
Written by Adam Bauman:
Last Sunday we got to go panning for gold and fossil hunting. As far as the house goes, we got all the trusses built and hammered to the roof. One of our side projects is painting some of the cabins on the campsite. This Saturday and Sunday is the biggest day for evangelism out of the whole trip. We’ll be going to the powwow and sharing the gospel. Pray that we’ll be able to lead many people to Christ. I can see the devil already trying to shut us down because he’s trying to keep people out of heaven. Pray for team unity so that we can be as effective as possible in spreading the gospel.
In Christ,
Adam Bauman


  1. Kathy (Burdick) White

    Missing my boy too! Hope to hear from Team Montana soon!

  2. Really missing my girl. Good to see the pics and read the stories, just dont come often Praying for the team and hoping to hear more of the amazing things that God is doing out there. God Bless!

  3. I am so happy to hear the good reports from MT team. I love seeing the pics of Gods glorious nature. You have made great progress on you building! That is Awesome. Love you so much Marina. We all miss you. We are proud of what you and your team are getting done for God:)

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