Peru – 12024

It’s hard to believe that we have been in Peru for over 2 weeks!  The
time is just passing us by as we are focused on serving the Lord by
building this church and ministering to the people who are around us
daily. I think that if I took a survey on the team’s favorite memory
verse then it would be Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through
Christ who strengthens me.”  Many of the team members have told me
that this verse just replays in their heads as they are working or
when a task ahead of them seems to great.

These past few days I am sure they had that verse replaying in their
minds as we accomplished a lot of work!  I am so pleased to say that
the 2 sidewalls are complete, which is about thirty courses of brick!
I’m pretty sure that if we counted the number of wheel barrels of
mortar that was used for the walls, it would be close to thirty! The
team spent some time scrubbing the brick walls of extra mortar and
recessed the brick.  We have also built the forms for all four
columns, mixed and poured the concrete for 2 of the columns so we
could begin framing the windows and tying the header.  We have also
tied steel rebar and placed the forms (3 meters by 7.80 meters) for
the concrete floor of the church.

Our goal for the rest of this week is to finish placing the forms for
the 2 other columns and pour the cement. We would also like to finish
tying the rebar for the header, windows and doors.  There are a few
small projects around the property that we would like to begin working
on as well.

The weather here in Pucallpa has been really consistent in the fact
that it is sunny, hot, humid and dry! It has been rough for the kids
to be out in the hot sun working and a good reminder for them to
continue drinking lots of water. One afternoon the team had an
afternoon snack: cold watermelon! A lady who comes to the church
provided it and the team was really blessed by this and enjoyed their
refreshing treat!

I have attached quite a few pictures with this report, as last Monday
we were having trouble with the internet connection and uploading the
pictures. I hope you can see the progress that is being made since we
first arrived here and are enjoying seeing your kids!!!!!!

“The past few weeks here in Peru have been extremely eye opening. The
thing that I ‘ve learned the most while being here would be
contentment.  People don’t have a lot here and yet they are so happy
and content. The people give us so much of what they have and they
already have so little and then I look back and see people in the
States, who have so much, but give so little. Another thing God has
been teaching me is patience. It’s extremely difficult to minister to
someone when you don’t speak their language and only have one person
translating. SO with God’s help I am working to overcome that.”
-Hannah Fox

“WOW! It’s been really great here in Peru and God is certainly moving
here.  He is moving within me and also in the people around us. He is
searching me self-control, self-denial, sacrifice, patience and
selflessness. I really enjoy our evening devotion time as a team. Each
night a member of the team shares their testimonies and we have a time
of asking questions and getting to know them on a deeper level. My
team is amazing and am very happy that God has blessed me by sending
me on this conquest.”
-Chelsea Parrott


  1. Great Job Peru Team! We continue to pray for you guys daily, and know that God has been answering our prayers for you all. You can do all things through Christ! We pray that He will give you the strength to finish strong!

  2. Looks like you are all finishing strong. I can’t wait to hear all of the stories from the month. What a great looking team!! What a blessing to the church of Pucallpa.

  3. What a wonderful and awesome time the Lord has blessed you all with! The testimonoies are a reminder of what we should be doing here in our daily walk with Jesus. Praying that the team will be able to accomplish all that it set out to do and then some. May the Lord continue His work in you and fill you with His strength and joy! We miss you Tony!! God Bless!

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