Zambia Water Filters come out of the bush! 12021

The team is fine.  Yesterday we presented a water filter to a local village, distributed ingredients for a nutrition seminar for mother’s of malnourished babies, and last night showed the Jesus Film and two people received the Lord.

Yesterday there was a fire and it burned part (?) of bridge that we need to cross to get out tomorrow.  It is now not passible with our truck right now.  So today we are on our way, as I talk, to attempt to fix this bridge and make it strong enough for the truck to pass.  We are taking some cut trees and one large tree as part of the plan to make this strong enough for a crossing tomorrow.

Tomorrow as we leave, we will have mixed feelings. We have loved the people in the bush and had a great time with them. We will be sad to leave this area since we have really been blessed to be able to minister and have grown to love those we have met.  But we are also excited to think about the trip to Victoria Falls and the things that are ahead for us.

Pray for us to have a successful time fixing the bridge and for all to go well during these next days.

Steve Petersen:  reporting by phone this morning to Zambia base.

Update:  We received another call from Steve in the middle of the afternoon.  He said that they accomplished their task in repairing the bridge.  They have tested it with the truck crossing over and back.  They are praising God for this answer to prayer.  They plan to leave for the Ndola base tomorrow.  They have lots of pictures of the bridge story.



  1. It’s wonderful to hear what God is doing through these young people. And Praise God for the safe bridge crossing! Special hello to Deborah! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the detailed updates – I will look forward to seeing pictures of the bridge repair! You are all in my prayers each day/night. Deborah, please return safely and soon.

  3. Charles & Mary Ann Brockwell

    A “shouting Methodist” amen to Stan Potts observation. We apply it to our granddaughter Deborah Carey!

  4. Michele L. Siemasko

    Thank you for the updates Have A wonderful time at Victoria Falls, Safe Travels, Can’t wait till August 8TH, miss my daughter so!

  5. Michele L. Siemasko

    Thank you!Have a wonderful time in Victoria Falls,Safe travels,Thanks for updates & protection this Incredible journey.Can’t wait till August 8TH,Michele L. Siemasko

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