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Today is 9 am, Friday, July 27 here in Australia, but at Teen Missions FL, it is 7 PM, Thursday evening. We had our BIG sightseeing and shopping day yesterday. We left around 7 am, drove to the zoo and waited a little while til it opened, taking Photos by the big sign and was first in line for the group booking line. We got in there a few minutes after opening and split into 3 groups. We saw crocs, alligators, rhino iguanas, went to a barn with sheep, goats and pigs and could pet them. We saw kangaroos that were tame and we petted them. They were so soft! There were 3 stands of trees with koalas in them, sleeping. Sometimes they would open their eyes and look at us! At the petting part, we could pet a koala. Every 30 minutes they changed out the koala, so they weren’t disturbed too much while sleeping! There was also an African area, with a very small amount of animals. While the African area was a bit of a disappointment, the rest of the zoo was wonderful. We brought our own lunch and bought a few chicken nuggets to go with our fresh bread and butter, potato chips, home made cookies, popcorn treats and juice boxes, and while eating them, we were looking the Colosseum ( called a crocoseum), and they did a live show with crocs (a big and little), all kinds of birds (which was impressive, as they had trainers all around the place, up high and they let the birds go and they flew down into the arena and back out to the trainers across the way. They had a couple of birds come in from higher up, so we think they were on the roof above us and then we saw the BIG BIRDS go swooping down!

When we left the zoo, we stopped in 3 stores to shop. Of course, there was ice cream and icees next door, so some of us tried it out.

We got home and Des and Roli, the men who donated the land to Teen Missions Australia, and who help TMI in every way, made kangaroo stew for us, full of veggies and kangaroo meat. They kids had to try it, but were not required to eat the meat. Most wanted to and did and some went back for seconds. Others didn’t want to and only had to eat some veggies. It was a fun evening with the men. We bought things to share at home.

Our work is going well. We are continuing with the side walk and moving firewood and brush. We will work through Saturday.

Sunday, we are sharing in a church service. We leave Monday morning. Please pray for us as we continue to work, share and then, travel. Pray for ones who are still learning about God and all of us as we learn what he wants us to do in our lives.   


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  1. Thought of you all day yesterday! So excited for Emily and she has had an extreme love for animals since she’s been a baby! Can’t wait to see the pictures, but more than that……can’t wait to see you all in person one week from today!

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