Cameroon – 12015—3

The Cameroon Team is doing good.  We spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday doing eyeglass and medical clinics in the village of Nsongwa here where the base is located.  We began at 10:00 AM and were on our feet until we left at 3:30/  In the three days we gave out 734 pair of eyeglasses and treated 256 medical cases.  The old ladies were so happy that they did little dances.  We also had multiple people come here at the base on Thursday and Friday.  The team is really good eaters. Last night we had a birthday party for the summer birthdays and made homemade tortillas.  The kids loved Mexican night!! Each night they take turns sharing what the Lord has been doing in their lives.  It is encouraging to hear that they have learned to appreciate home and the things they have taken for granted.

We had planned to go to the bush on Friday but it was delayed a day due to both the rains and the arranging of transportation. We plan on traveling to Ngie Saturday morning and returning on Monday.  When we return from the clinics we have our classes  do Bible verses and play with the many children that are always here at the base.  All the kids have expressed they are growing in the Lord and have really enjoyed the trip.  We plan to have a shopping day for souvenirs on Tuesday.  We will be headed to the capital on Wednesday as they fly back to the states Thursday.  It has been a fantastic summer so far for us. In total we have handed out 1,032 pair of eyeglasses and have treated 700 people medically.  Most importantly 27 have come to Christ.

Parents thanks for sharing these fantastic young people with us for a summer, they are truly amazing!  They have worked hard spending hours on their feet treating people with kindness and love.  They have prayed with each patient and have honestly made a huge impact for Christ here in Cameroon.



  1. Seven more sleeps and we get to hear first hand the amazing things the LORD has done with Team Cameroon 12015! As Norm said, the impact left in Cameroon will last a life time and a life time of memories for each team member:) Praying for all the impact, teams, and leaders around the world!

  2. So happy to get the updates of the teen’s work. Sounds like you all have come sooooo far in your walk with the Lord. Keep it up when you get home; it will be your testing time in your young life that will carry you on to adult life. Yes, parents and gramme will pick up Morgan at debrief.

  3. Wow you are all doing great things. I can’t wait to hear the stories from team Bagans back home in Michigan. Stay strong. I am truly amazed by the Cameroon crew and team Bagans. See you soon.

  4. These young adults of God are truly amazing. They all will return to their homes with a great gift, gratitude. Iam so proud of you Rachel as well as your family. What an amazing experience and what a gift you all have given to those families. Go Team Cameron!!!!

  5. Yay! thanks for the good news! We went to visit the Wycliffe Bible Translation headquarter in Orlando today. They just finished the work of Bible translation to an indigenous language of Cameroon. PTL! Also, as recommended by other missionaries, I have purchased a book from amazon called “Re-Entry: Making the Transition from Missions to Life at Home”. It is highly recommended to give this book to the returning teen (and as a parent, it is better to read it first):)

  6. We praise God for all He is doing FOR this team and TRHOUGH this team. Exciting to read the reports. The ministry time in Cameroon is soon coming to an end but the impact will last for eternity. Way to go team!

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