Canada Preteen – 12072

The last few days have been devoted primarily to work at the camp, with the exception of one presentation at a senior living facility on Monday.  The presentation went very well, and the team members engaged with the residents before and after. Yesterday a dump truck load of mulch was delivered to the camp.  This afternoon it is gone – spread throughout the camp for both landscaping projects and trail upgrades.  The kids worked very hard.  The painting of the Canadian flag on one of the Welcome Center walls is almost complete.  In addition, the father of a couple of kids currently serving on other Teen Missions teams stopped by today with the ingredients for about 100 packages of make-your-own fudge, which we will distribute in town tomorrow, and at a parade on Saturday.

On Tuesday afternoon the team went swimming at a public outdoor pool in town.  Everyone loved it.

The team has also been working on adding a drama to the presentation, in preparation for a longer presentation to children at a church on Sunday.  They have enjoyed it so much, they are asking to work on it even in their free time.

At our evening rallies/devotions, the countdown to Debrief has officially begun.

In response to the question “What has the Lord been teaching you this summer?”…

“I learned to be patient.  And to be respectful.”  –McKenzie

“That whenever you can’t hear God, to seek Him.”  –Lauren


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