Ecuador – 12016—5

It has been a busy and eventful week in Ecuador for everyone. The team has nearly completed replacing all the brick walkways with cement sidewalks and the new gate will hopefully be going up this weekend and with a nice piant job. There are a few more work projects we’ll be working on as well in the few workdays we have left. In less than a week we’ll be headed back to USA for debrief!
On Wednesday afternoon, the school children around the area came for a visit. We handed out homemade cookies to them, played soccor with them and made animal balloons for them to enjoy. The children also enjoyed some time with the Ecuador bootcamp teams who sang with them in the chapel. The team really seemed to enjoy spending their afternoon with them.
Today (Thursday) we took the team to a town called Banos for a time of sightseeing. It is about a two hour bus ride from the base. We took a tour on an open air bus and got to see waterfalls, more volcanoes (there are a lot of them in Ecuador), ride on a couple cable cars and walk on a suspension bridge. After the tour everyone spent some time souvineer shopping. This was a nice break from the work schedule. The weather was beautiful today and the skies were very clear, so we were able to see a lot of the beautiful scenery. It is truly amazing to see God’s creation in a different country.
Please continue to lift team Ecuador in your prayers as we have our work projects to complete and as we spend time together in group devotions and Bible study. Pray that the team members will continue to open up their hearts to the Lord (this is a continual request). I hope you enjoy the following testimony from Sarah Vermillera and the pictures from our trip to Banos and working with the school children on this past Wednesday.
“Summer 2012 definitely has been different. Two years ago, I went on the Ireland team. Honestly, this team has taught me so much more. Through small things at boot camp, like waiting for EVERYONE to finish the O.C., to the major things on the field like styaing up till 12am, fixing problems on the team and working late to finish projects. I personally am very blessed for our leaders. You can see the love in every single one of their eyes. I’m thankful for an amazing team even with our ridiculous struggles. Through this trip, God has shown me how hard my heart was and that I should work on that. Some people on our team are so sweet, and I feel God placed all of them here for one reason or another, because everyday, someone strengthens me up with a joke or hug. Yes, even on the cold, cold mornings you know you’re going to spend mixing concrete. A simple smile can brighten your morning.”    ~Sarah Vermillera


  1. Michael and Renae Bussen

    We are praying for you all – (yay Stephanie Bussen! – so proud of our girl for following God’s lead to join the team). We trust God is working in the lives of all the team members and that there will be fruit that remains in their lives as well as many they have served in Ecuador and all along the way. “Worthy is the Lamb”…

  2. Praying for your last few days on the field and safe travel back to the U.S. Way to go Team Ecuador!!! Have loved getting these updates!! With love, Chuck & Amy Sunderman (“Hi” Andrea!!!)

  3. Linda Hockersmith

    we are all so proud of you(Kaelea) and your team. God Bless team Ecuador!!We will continue to pray for you and believe God to work in all your lives

  4. Bobbye S. Evans

    Wonderful to see all those smiling faces and to read the update..the testimony is a blessing! Praying for you all!

  5. Margaret and Gary Light

    Looks like everybody is having a great time. More photos would be wonderful. Love ya Maddi

  6. Team Ecuador has and is continuing to touch many lives. It is so exciting to hear all that you are doing and also how God is working in each of you. Only eternity will tell the full story of your efforts. May the Lord continue to richly bless each team member and leader as you seek to be a light in Ecuador. You all remain in our prayers every day! Much love to Bethany and Molly from your family 🙂

  7. So proud of team Ecuador! Looks like you all deserved a break and a day of fun and sight seeing! Can’t wait to see pics from Daniel and Abby when they get home!

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