Australia traveling – 12070

Saturday, July 28, we worked in the morning, they finished pouring the side walk they have been working on, except for one meter. (about 39 inches). They were so close to finishing it, but didn’t quite make it. After lunch with the BMW students, we spent a few hours weighing out and packing in the afternoon. We then had a treat of going to Tewantin to the park by the river. A birthday party was happening, so we went further down and played or walked down the river to a different area. It was so pretty and we walked, played and posed for pictures. We could have stopped at stores, but we did our shopping earlier and spent all of our Australian money.

Sunday, we went to church at the Salvation Army church in Noosa and were given 15 minutes to share for the children’s part of the service. We sang, introduced ourselves and sang some more. Last week, Emily shared a testimony at church and schools, and today Chloe shared about faith, Hebrews 11 and about Nick Vujici (We-chi-chi), who was born with no arms and legs, and only one flipper for a foot. He really spoke to her heart and she learned alot about faith. Also, Caleb shared a gospel magic trick showing sin being small, medium and large, in our eyes, but in God’s eyes, all sins are the same. He shared it today, and earlier in the week, Emily and Khaya shared it. They all sang good and we enjoyed the people in the church.

This afternoon has been spent cleaning the area, the dorms, the bathrooms, the pole barn and the grounds. We will have a time tonight to reveal our Secret Prayer Partners to each other during our last devotion time here in Australia.

Tomorrow morning, we will leave the Teen Missions property about 7:15 am and travel to Brisbane to the airport. We will then travel to New Zealand, Los Angles and finally Orlando. From there, we load our things on a Teen Missions Bus and head back to the property, but not to Boot Camp, but to Debrief. There, we will have a time of learning more about sharing our faith, keeping up with our personal devotions and some other wonderful classes. We will go back to the airport Saturday, August 4th to fly home.

I want to thank the kids for a wonderful summer and am sorry I will miss spending my birthday with them, which is Sunday, August 5th. Jason’s birthday was the day before we all came together, so we are the birthday bookends for the trip,

Thank you for your prayers. We are headed home with memories, Veggiemite and TimTams, digeridoos, hats and other amazing things from Australia, but it is mostly the memories that will mean the most.


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