Bonjour to the friends and family of Team France! 12028

We are wrapping up our time in Paris today and tomorrow. Saturday was our last day with Youth with a Mission evangelizing by the Eiffel Tower. They had a chance each night this week to do their dramas. They also took their puppets and guitar on the Metro a few times this week. The team definitely made some int’l friends as they’ve mingled with Christian youth from Chile, Bolivia, South Korea, England, France, Brazil, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, and other US youth! It’s been a great experience for all of them.

Sunday was an exciting day as we were able to visit a church called Hillsong Paris. It was a great worship and author John Bevere was the speaker for the day. The whole service was translated in English (and every other song was sung in English) so it was enjoyed by all! Afterward we went to Anvers for a picnic and last minute souvenir shopping.

Today, Monday, will be spent washing, packing, and cleaning. Tuesday evening (about 10 am EST time) we will be heading to the metro to catch a train to Montauban, where the camp we’ll be working at is located. We’ll board the train about 10 pm and arrive at 7 am. It should be an adventure as we tote our duffels through the subway system of Paris! Please pray for us in our transition. We will be setting up the camp. And we get to move back into tents again! It’s hard to believe we only have 8 days left in France!

Everyone sends their love! Auvoir!


God is doing super cool things in France and answering loads of prayers. There have been some way wonderful encounters at the nightly YWAM Eiffel Tower concerts and on the Metro and trains. Destiny and I got to have a long conversation with an agnostic from Connecticut. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, we were able to stand our ground and speak some words of truth and love with him.

The overall health of our team is much better now and we’re excited for this upcoming week in the South of France. Please pray for continued unity as all the girls share a tent and the travel times steal some sleep from us!

On, there are two other things we’ve done lately: Performed an open air puppet show and been part of a dancing mob doing the song “I Love Jesus” for the YWAM concert.

Eliza Merritt

The team has been great. We had a lot of fun with the YWAM. We are being stretched out of our comfort zone. Tomorrow we are going to the camp and today we are getting ready for the train. We have to pack some stuff for the camp and the rest of the stuff has to stay here. (The Cijem group will meet us at the train next week and bring it with them when we leave France.)

We’ve been at the Eiffel Tower for the past week. We learned a dance called “I Love Jesus”. We all love it! We have made so many good friends here. I can’t think of anything else to write. So, to the people in the US…BYE!

Rachel Ann Howe 

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  1. Congratulations Team France!
    I am so happy for you and I know that the Lord is pleased with the work you are all doing in France. I know that each one of you will not be thesame when you return to the US. God bless you all and let the Lord use you as He pleases.
    Thank you teens Mission for this great work. To God be the glory.

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