Holy Land – 12020-2

Your sons and daughters are busy at work again this morning, trying to get as much accomplished as possible before we leave Friday for Debrief.  We ran out of gravel and sand to mix mortar with and are concerned that the wall we are building will not be completed in time.  Please pray that the necessary mortar ingredients will be delivered soon, so that we can finish the work.  “So built we the wall.  And all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof for the people had a mind to work.”  Nehemiah 4:6  (One of 40 memory verses that your children will be able to recite to you once they get home!)  Mike walked around the work site today tallying in his mind all that he would the team to do before leaving.  There is so much that we want to do for the school still and so little time!  Pray that we would be diligent with the time we have left and that we would also be diligent workers.

Every Saturday evening, we have a Fun Night.  We play games and laugh and enjoy being around one another.  We have played Bible Jeopardy (very competitive and close to the bitter end!) and a hand squeezing game that requires good hand/eye coordination and the ability to be the first to find a hidden object for your team…I am not quite sure how else to explain the game without actually showing you all, so perhaps your children will show you once they get home.  It was a big hit amongst the team though and, again, very competitive!  For our last Fun Night on Saturday, we decided to journey back to Bethlehem to enjoy its sights and sounds in the evening.  A good time was had by all eating falafel and schwarma and bartering for those last minute gifts.  One shop owner even took us on a “behind the scenes” tour of his work shop, so that we could see how all of the olive wood carvings covering the shelves in most stores are made.  We were very impressed!  The work is intricate, difficult and tedious as each one requires some kind of touch only achieved by the human hand.  Thousands upon thousands are produced weekly, each one hand carved to some degree.  It baffles my mind just thinking about it!!!  I definitely have a deeper appreciation for my olive wood souvenirs now!  We also traveled back to Jerusalem one last time on Sunday, to enjoy church at the East Jerusalem Baptist Church.  It is English speaking and full of many friends we have made from both Beit Jala and Jerusalem during our month’s stay in the Holy Land.  After the service and a time of fellowship, we made the short trek into the Old City to enjoy lunch and barter for those last, last minute gifts and souvenirs.:)  It was a full weekend!

Our adventure continues…



  1. Great be the joy of the hands, mind and souls when they are used in his works… My Prays are with the team that there works might be completed in time. Thanks for another great update and can’t wait to see my Sarah for she has been greatly missed by all. GOD bless everyone

  2. So proud of the team for all the work they have accomplished while there. I know that they are working hard and are enjoying their last few days there. Lord willing, they will get the necessary supplies to complete the wall. Take care of yourselves and we will be praying for safe travels here.

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