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Wow, I can’t believe I am writing our final report before we leave Malawi. We praise God for what He has done over the last couple of weeks. We finished the project on Wednesday afternoon! The garden looks wonderful and the fence looks amazing. We even got to see some of the plants start to grow. Tiny amounts of green where coming up from the ground. The team was very excited to see it. The team did a wonderful job on the fence and us leaders are very proud of them. The fence will keep the garden safe from the goats and chickens.

Malawi Preteens


Thursday morning we packed up our stuff and moved to a different part of the base. Then in the afternoon we went to the Rescue Unite for the last time. The orphans ran out to meet us, as we came up the road. There is nothing like seeing 50 kids running towards you with huge smiles on their faces. The team enjoyed their last time with the kids. When I told them it was time to go the tears began to come. Parents some of your kids would have packed these orphans in their duffel bags if I would have let them! The team loved their time with the orphans and it was sad to leave them. We got to see 11 of the kids come to Christ on Tuesday and the team was even more sad to leave them. It was a blessing to see You children begin to change over the last couple of weeks. When we first got here some of the team members did not feel comfortable around the orphans. But by the end all of the team was running around and enjoying it. I hope as the team goes home they remember the things they have seen and learned.

Friday we went on our Safari! It was a four hour trip to Liwonde National Park. The last 45 minutes was very bumpy through the bush. Then once we got into the park we took a boat to get to the safari camp. We had a wonderful lunch settled into our rooms looking over the river. Then it was off for our safari drive. The whole team had a amazing time! I think the best part for most of them was seeing over 30 elephants only 15 feet away from them. God truly has blessed Malawi with amazing beauty. Then it was off to bed but not before having a hot shower! We got up early in the morning and took a nature walk through the park. Then after a wonderful breakfast we took a boat ride down the river. The team got to see lots of hippos, crocodiles and birds. It was wonderful to relax and enjoy God’s Creation.

In the morning (Sunday) We are going to the beach to swim for a little and then it will be off for shopping! The kids are looking forward to practising bartering and finding gifts for people. After all the shopping we will come back to the base to back all the bags and get ready to leave early in the morning.

Their will be tears from the team as we leave Malawi. It has been a wonderful trip and God truly has worked in all our lives and the people in Malawi. Parents I want to thank you once again for allowing your kids to come with Teen Missions. It has been a blessing to have them and I have seen a lot of growth in all of them. Thank also for your prayers the team has been very healthy and has been safe from harm. Please pray for us as we begin the long journey back to the USA.

May the Lord bless you all,

The Malawi Preteen Team.

Note to parents- We are going to do our best to have the kids call you from the DC airport on Tuesday morning. This will be a quick call since we do have to get to our connecting flight to Florida.




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  1. As John Hoeksema’s Sunday School Teacher I am so proud of this young man. Thanks TMI for taking him there. I cannot wait to see how this young man has been changed.

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