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The team is doing great! Many of them have mixed emotions about this
week being our last full week here in Peru.  Now don’t get me wrong,
they are so excited to go home and see their families, friends and
share with you about their summer.  They have built relationships with
the Peruvians, fallen in love with the culture and grown in their
relationship with God. It is bittersweet for them.

These past few days the team has been working on a variety of things.
On the church property there is a fence along the property line that
was falling apart and had a lot of trash that was just piling up.  We
spent a few hours raking up leaves, rebuilding the fence and did a bit
of landscaping around the fruit trees.  Oh, and I must mention that
while raking up the leaves, they found and killed nine Tarantulas! The
forms have been built for all the remaining columns and the last two
columns have been filled with concrete. We spent one afternoon
cleaning all the tools, as they had not been properly cleaned before.
All the forms have been started for the header and the steel has been
tied for the two sidewalls.  By Thursday, we would like to have all
the steel tied for the header and the concrete poured, pour the first
part of the church floor and begin the upper part of the brick wall.

On Saturday we had our first full day of site-seeing.  We walked down
to what the Peruvians call the “Plaza,” which is a park/garden area.
Then about a block away from that is the Yarina Lake.  From there we
took a boat across the Lake to the Zoo. As we were walking through the
zoo, it wasn’t at all as we thought. It took us a bout 15 minutes to
walk through the whole zoo and the kids were disappointed, until the
very end! At the end, they had an anaconda out and the kids could pay
to take a picture with it! It was at least 15 feet!!! They also had two
parrots that were just walking around and a very friendly monkey that
was on a leash. The monkey really enjoyed the girls hair and climbed
on Chelsea’s shoulders and hung out there for a few minutes.  After
the zoo we took the team to a small shop to buy souvenirs.  Since the
weather has continued to be sunny, extremely hot and dry we thought
that a little trip to the ice cream shop was a necessity!

Later in the evening, we decided to eat out at the “Restaurant
Polleria- El Super Dorado.” It was a great way to end our adventurous
day, as the team has wanted to eat some Peruvian food since we
arrived! Overall, it was a great day for the kids to see the beautiful
country of Peru, understand the culture and have fun as a team!

Sunday morning they attended a church that was a mission church for
children.  There were about 100 kids in attendance that morning and 11
of them accepted Christ as their personal Savior!

Thank you for entrusting us with your precious children this summer!
Many of them are excited to come home, share with you what God has
done this summer and show you all their pictures! God Bless.

“Our team got to go on a boat ride and visit a zoo! After looking at
the various kinds of animals and all the different personalities on
our team, it occurred to me that God is a God of diversity and
creativity.  It is our last week in Pucallpa, Peru, and although I am
looking forward to going home and seeing my family, I’m going to miss
this place. Most of all the fellowship with the Peruvians that attend
the church we are building.”
-Laura Brantley

“I’ve learned so much here in Peru! Not only have I learned a lot
about the people and culture, but God has shown me so many things in
this experience. One of them is you don’t need as many things as you
think to be happy for content. Another is that you have to have
patience and trust Him to get you through during the rough times. Peru
has been a life changing experience for me and I hope to come back
very soon.”
-Whitney Carr



  1. So glad to hear from the teen mission team in Peru during their last week of service. We will welcome you back in the states with anticipation of the great stories you will bring back and share with friends, family and also your church families. Good luck team on your last days in Peru, and praying for a safe return to your families.

  2. Karen and J.R. Carr (parents of Whitney)

    Love the pictures!! Great work team Peru!! I miss Whitney like crazy and can’t wait to get her home!!

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