Trinidad – 12031

Greetings from Trinidad. Wow! What an amazing place this is. The team had an amazing time swimming in the waters of Tobago. We woke really early Thursday morning to catch the ferry that took over 2 hours to get to Tobago. It was a very fast ferry that made some of the team a little queezy. Upon arriving to Tobago, we took taxis to the apartments we would be staying in which was walking distance from one of the popular beaches of tobago. We spent the whole day on the beach, swimming in the beautiful Caribbean waters. Some of the team took the opportunity to take a glass bottom boat tour in the beautiful island waters. During the tour, they got to go snorkeling and swim in what the local people call the swimming pool in the middle of the ocean. It is a 1-2 foot shallow section in the Caribbean where the coral has seemed to have been grounded into sand and really exfoliated our skin. It was amazing! Right before getting on the sand of the beach there were little shops full of souvenirs where the team was able to do some shopping for themselves and friends and family back home. After the beach, we went back to our apartments for dinner. Across the street from where we were staying was a mini market where the team was able to buy goodies and ice cream while we had fun with fellowship for the night. We left for the ferry the next day after walking back to the souvenir shops for some last minute Tobago shopping.  While we were gone, some of the Trinis of the church decided to help the team out and work on the house. We are amazed at how much work this team has accomplished on the construction of the house. Only a few more layers of block need to be put up and soon it will be time to make the forms for the second story to be poured. Please keep our team in your prayers. God is truly working in and through the lives of each and everyone one of us and we feel truly blessed. We praise the Lord for everything that has come our way and we know that He has a plan for everything as long as we set our eyes on Him and only Him. Thank you for blessing us with this opportunity to serve your kids this summer and we can’t wait to see what kind of men and women of God they will turn out to be when they are grown.

Isaac Walsman says: “Greetings from Trinidad, we are all having the awesomest time on this earth because down here in Trinidad they cook amazingly good food and so, the Trinis make food that is like Chinese except it is not Chinese. Their fried rice is like Chinese fried rice but it is not because it is Trini. Hey mom and dad, God is using the trials and triumphs on our teams to help me get closer to Him. We do whatever we can to make things right within our team. I also want you to know that I am still laughing. You all should go to the world market right by the mall of Georgia and buy what they call LLBs or lemon lime bitters. They are so good. We got really far on the worksite, we poured the concrete, tied rebar than laid blocks where some walls are up to 15 blocks high. Each block costs 6TT (trini dollars)or 1 US dollar. And now we are working on a drainage ditch and I got banned from using the machete because I cut down a banana tree (sounds like George Washington’s episode of the cherry tree). I love you.”

Abby Wahl says: “So we left for Tobago really early on Thursday morning and stayed until the afternoon on Friday. We spent the day at the beach and some of us got to go on a glass bottom boat in the Caribbean. During the tour, we got to go snorkeling over the coral reef. It was so beautiful. We also stopped and got to swim in the middle of the ocean where it was shallow and tried to collect some coral until we learned we couldn’t bring it back home. Bummer. 🙁 I am really learning allot from the Lord this summer and I am hoping to learn more. The Trinis have been feeding us so much food and it is all very good, we really think they should stop though because we can’t stop eating it and our pants aren’t fitting us the same as they used to. Haha! Anyway, to friends and family and church family, I love you and thanks for praying for me. <3



  1. I love hearing about the teams adventures! I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when Isaac said he was banned from using the machete. Needless to say Darian I miss you so much that it hurts. I am counting the days and I am truly grateful that you are having this experience.
    Love you guys…

  2. Karen Tsoukalas

    Amazing Grace! How great to see the Lord blessing each team member and the Trinis too! We’re praying for all to return home safely to share about God’s work in Trinidad and to continue serving Him!
    Love You, Darian – Grandma

  3. It is good to hear you all are growing in the Lord. Our prayers are with the entire Trinidad team. Ashlynn, we miss you so much.

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