Zambia Water Filters traveling to Lusaka – 12021

Here are more testimonies (and two more photos) from the members of team Zambia Water Filters:

Deborah Carey
“Com ska le la lee la”
“Yesi na nanze”
“Oh gan inaque”
As I sat in the mooshpot in Lufwenyama, Lushwishi and Mukema, I had the opportunity to witness a small glimpse of heaven. Everyday in the bush we were able to play circle games with the children. The favorite of these games was “Com ska le la lee la”  also known as “Duck Duck Goose”. Although their chant is much more involved, the throwing of the sticks is permitted to catch an opponent, and nearly every American teenager was outrun by a Zambian toddler. I could have been back in Elementary School Recess. Despite a significant language barrier and differing cultures, day after day we were able to share God’s love and joy through the middle ground of “Duck Duck Goose”. I am no longer nostalgic to leave Zambia… instead, God has given me peace in knowing I will join hands with all God’s children soon enough, and play the best game of “Com ska le la lee la” ever… free of language barriers and mooshpots!

Claudia Bernaschina Our two weeks in the African bush went by so quickly. It was amazing to see how God used each one of the team member’s life in unique ways. Personally, I got the opportunity to minister to the locals in the medical aspect. Each rescue unit got a box filled with basic medical supplies such as cough syrup, malaria pills, anti-diarrheal pills and ibuprofen. Sadly, the need for medical assistance is unbelievable, from cuts and sores to burns, bad coughs, or malnutrition, the little supply box was not enough. The Rescue Unit facilitators are anything close to a doctor for the people in the bush. After witnessing such a need, it opened my eyes to realize that we are really blessed. It is a gift of God to even have bandages or a simple First-Aid kit. When I get home, I’m definitely going to have a more grateful perspective of my surroundings.

Morgan McGowan After serving us for two weeks in the bush our faithful truck limped into the base. The truck was held together with duct tape, had a flat tire and the clutch was broken… and even though all that had gone wrong, God still got us here safely. While we were in the bush it was our only mode of transportation. We used it to store things for the kitchen. We also showed the Jesus Film on the side.



  1. Ron & Joyce Daley

    Deborah, we know that God is blessing those you are helping just as He is blessing you through them. Those 3 towns you mentioned reminded me of your dad reading in Nehemiah! Our God is so awesome in the ways He allows us to share His love with others, even when we can’t speak their language! We miss you & continue to pray for you & those He brings into your life. Love & hugs from TPC!

  2. Michele L. Siemasko

    An Incredible experience for you all, we are so proud of our daughters ambition to be all she can for Jesus,Teen Missions Group is so wonderful serving the Lord in many countries!Can’t wait till our daughter is home safely! Thank you for for everything! Michele L. Siemasko

  3. Claudia, I’m so glad of your experience. So proud of your job. You’ll never be the same. Your life it’s marked by this mission. I’m counting the days to see you and to hug you again. Many blessings for you and your team. Love you!

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