Jambo from Uganda – 12026

Jambo to all of our family and friends. It’s another sunny day in Bunalwenyi, Uganda. Wednesday was not so sunny however as it rained for most of the day so the team got to relax a bit before their next day of work.

Everyone on the team has had a chance to do a filming. There are 2 crews, one will go in the morning and the other in the afternoon while the rest of the team works on the Secondary School. Crew 1 consists of Annesley Dehaven, Elna Demos, Elizabeth Bush, Kathleen Jimenez, Nick Picerno and Aiha Lau. Cre 2 consists of Taylor Adams, Victoria Webber, Bobbie Anderson, Nicholes Mullins, Adrian Morquez and Ariel Lee. Yesterday everyone got to do some filming and everyone got to be in the film. The work site was posed so you could see everyone. Some people were sawing, others were putting in nails, etc. Allow me to let Annsley Dehaven tell you more about what it is like to do the film;

“I like how we get to learn about film while we’re making the video. Its’ not like Kathy just tells us what to do she teaches us alt the same time. I like to see how all the different components work together to make a film. I can’t wait to see what it looks like at the end. I had lots of fund being on camera yesterday!

Aika Lau

Yesterday was raining pretty hard, so we didn’t really get the chance to work. However, the rain stopped before supper, giving us a dry evening. Elizabeth had the chance to tell her testimony again. Bobbie and Elizabeth both accepted Jesus into their hears! Praise the Lord! Today the team got a lot of work (construction and filming) which was nice, considering we didn’t get to work yesterday. I was checking some of the tents for spider eggs, since I had some on my tent. To my surprise, everyone had them except Ariel’s tent. …so gross. For lunch today, we were expecting to make sloppy Joe, but realized that the cans were only sloppy Joe sauce. So Lorraine and I then put in pork (which pam loves) and sausages. Really interesting stuff. It’s kind of sad how fast the days are going. Hopefully we get a lot done in the rest of the time we have in Uganda!

Uganda Film Team






  1. I would love to see some pics as well. Very happy to see a post, I am praying for the whole team and am excited about what God is doing. Can’t wait to see the film! Missing Victoria a lot but so happy she is there.

  2. Elizabeth Irene Bush

    Papa Frank Says to be careful and stay out of the jungle Did you hear the one about the Christian lions… Bless you all and love.

  3. Mary Anne Endeman

    So glad to hear how the team is doing! Sounds like you are getting a lot of things done. Praying for you all as you finish up your time in Uganda and head home to the states. Blessings on you!

  4. Elizabeth Irene Bush

    Really wondered how you were doing. Now, I guess we really know! Praise God for Elizabeth and Bobbie! Liz, Hal and Candy are coming out next week to pray in and over your new room downstairs. We want it to be clean inside and out for your new beginning. Krystal says she absolutely loves you and is praying daily for you. I went to Aspen Ridge Chuch last Sun. and saw her. Team, God bless you all. Can not wait to see the film either. Just think of the impact you could have on the world if Christian filmmakers invaded Hollywood! Remember BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS. Blessings and love to all. Yeah, Bobbie!
    Mama Fran

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