Greetings from Uganda – 12026

Just made a quick into town right when supper was being served. Had supplies to pick up and want to send a quick email.

The team is finishing up their project on the school beam that we are pouring. We are hoping to be finished tomorrow. We have about 4 scenes left on the film and will finish that tomorrow.

All the team is doing well right now. We are having evening devotions around the campfire and every one is enjoy this along with a cup of hot tea.

The team will leave on Friday to head back to the base. We will send a big long email from the base when we get there, but just want to assure all the family and friends that the team is doing well.

We plan to do our sightseeing day on Saturday, Sunday church, Monday pack up and then Tuesday will travel after breakfast to the airport.

We are very thankful for your prayers and the team is looking forward to receving the mail you have sent when we get back to the base.


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  1. Please send pictures!!! Blessings and prayers to you all!!!

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