Haiti packing up – 12017

Greetings from the Republic of Haiti,

We just completed our last day of work and after much waiting and praying we came close to completing a small wall that will facilitate a place for a community basketball court. The team is doing well and are anxious to get to Debrief. Haiti, I believe, has been a great wake up call for all of us. I don’t think any of us have ever seen such strong spiritual oppression. It is a very real thing here every single day. But we serve a Mighty God and He is able to deliver us from any situation. We have seen proof of that over and over since we have been here. So, as we make our journey home, please hold us up in prayer. The journey to Port Au Prince will take around 3 hours and the flight is about 2 hours. Praise God for our time here and we will miss some of our new friends. Thank you all very much for all you support and prayers.

The Haiti Team

Dates: June 21- August 10, 2013 – 13015



  1. Praying for a safe return for Wanda and the team from Haiti. All efforts we know were needed and will be rewarded as God has been looking over all of you as you have done His work!

  2. Thank you for giving to the Lord…praying as you travel home.

  3. Are they flying Aug 2 or 3? Anyone know?

  4. Carolyn Mitchell

    Hurrah! We are grateful to God for His protection of you all and the provision of new friendships, good health, unity, and resources to build the wall and share your faith with others. 🙂 We look forward to your safe return!


  5. What is your ETA for Merrit Island?

  6. Terri Fleischman

    God be with you on your travel and bring you safely back to Florida.

  7. Praying for safe travel! So thankful that God is Mighty!

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