Zambia Water Filters – 12021—7

From a phone call made by the team leader to the missionary.

The team arrived at overland Park last night after an all day trip to Livingstone. We grilled hamburgers at sunset which the team loved. The people here at overland have treated us like kings and queens. The team has had an awesome time today at Victoria Falls. First we went on a game drive and saw elephants, giraffe, zebra, monkeys, baboons, all kinds of antelope, wildebeest, and more I don’t remember. Then we went on a lunch cruise on the Zambezi River. We had a delicious lunch and saw hippopotamus and also an elephant crossing the river in front of us. It couldn’t have been better. We then went into the national park to view the Victoria Falls, one of the wonders of the world and it indeed proved to be just that. The day is ending with some shopping for souvenirs. This has been an incredible experience for us, the team just loved this trip. All are well.We are traveling back to Lusaka tomorrow and will board our flight home on Friday.  We look forward to debrief and then to seeing you all at home.



  1. Michele L. Siemasko

    So wonderful to hear all the updates!Can’t wait till our daughter home & to hear all of the story’s of this Incredible Journey!Michele L.Siemasko
    I hope she’ll call home collect when back to Orlando airport, before debriefing in Merritt Island.

  2. So thrilled and blessed at the reports from this entire trip! Just anticipating the wonderful reunion we will experience in a few short days! Thank you, Team Zambia, and Thank You, Lord!

  3. Thanks for your frequent, newsy updates! It has really helped us to “experience” a bit of the trip with you all. Praying for your safe journey home.

  4. Awesome. We knew about Victoria Falls, but we didn’t know they’d get to go on safari! I bet our daughter goes to sleep smiling tonight.

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