Cameroon – 12015—4

Dear all

It is hard to believe that the team time here in Cameroon has come to an end.

The second rescue unit we visited was quite the adventure. We left saturday morning and reached the unit six hours later traveling by bush taxis over very difficult roads.  The kids had to push vehicles and walk at different points.    There were about 200 people waiting at the unit for us.  During the three days we gave out 247 pair of eyeglasses and treated 300 people medically.  20 came to Christ as a result.   We saw some terrible wounds. One boy had an infection down to the bone.  Many of the children were covered in awful skin rashes.  We had this wonderful pink ointment and we used a lot of it on this trip.   We also sent bags of it home with people so they could continue treatment.  The sad thing for us was there were quite a few blind people looking for help as well as many needing serious eye surgeries.  People were also still coming to the base for eyeglasses.

We had a safe journey to Douala for the flight home.  We are at a nice guesthouse and the team is enjoying the rooms showers and the pool.  We went to eat last night at what we call the African dairy queen and the team enjoyed hamburgers fries pizza and ice cream.

We will take them to the airport this morning for their first flight.

The team ministry was very successful.  In total we handed out over 1300  pair of eyeglasses and treated over 800 medically.   40 people accepted Christ as savior.   Each team member grew in some way and they learned to adjust to differences without complaining.   We have honestly made a lasting impact in this country. Many of the government officials and police officers came for eyeglasses and were so impressed with the team.  They are now willing to assist teen missions in Cameroon in any way.    What a blessing.

We had the kids pray with each person we assisted and so many were grateful for our time and concern.

Thank you parents for sharing these wonderful teens with us for the summer.



  1. I am very happy about the report.GOD is realy doing something in our country via you.I pray GOD uses TEEN MISSION to change the lives of Cameroon citizens.May GOD continue to bless and provide for you

  2. Thank you for this interesting report. What an adventure the Lord has given our children to open their eyes to some great needs in the world. May He work out His will in each of their lives. Thank you team leaders for helping our kids through this amazing experience.

  3. Praise God for His answers to our prayers. All the glory goes to Him.

  4. What a beautiful “love letter” again! Very touching. I will probably see the whole Cameroon team at Orlando Airport when I am picking up my youngest son returning from North Carolina tomorrow. Their arrival time is just 30 mins apart. Yay! Can’t wait 🙂

  5. I can just about cry reading this….especially about the people still needing help but no help available at the level they need. Some ophthamologist needs to come along and go over on a short-term trip! Love to my granddaughter Kimberly!!!!!

  6. So thankful for this report ! Looking forward to seeing the team next Wednesday ! Many thanks to the team leaders !

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