OA Zambia – 12023

Greetings to all of our super great OAMSSM parents, 🙂
We love each one of you and praise our Awesome God for each one of you. We will begin our journey to Livingston – Victoria Falls tomorrow (Friday – 8-3-12) for our sightseeing. We will be doing a Game Drive in a National Park, short luncheon river cruise with a view of the Hippos who live along the river, and tour Victoria Falls on Sunday – 8-5-12. We have finished our make-up classes and now will accomplish our pack out today. Following are some excepts from our team:
Team Quote: “We miss the bush already! Our first day back to the Zambia TMI base, Kelvin (our circuit rider) killed a spitting cobra – scary! We are all excited to head to Victoria Falls on Friday and then back to the states Tuesday for Debrief. We send our love! God Bless!”
Zachary Wright: “Outstanding, thought provoking” (respective to our two weeks in the bush)
Matthew Pound: “The best experience of my life.”
Caleb Matatall: “without a doubt the best summer of my life, I love Zambia!”
Ryan Bowman: Amazing to see God’s love and mercy at work in the Zambian people and us.”
Benjamin Schumacher: “I can’t put my Zambian experience into words. God’s working without a doubt.”
Beth Croyle: “I learned to depend on God to get through everyday, most amazing experience of my life.”
Jonanna Valentine: “I love it here – it feels like home. God is really working and the team is epic :-)”
Adam Frisch: “Almost “scared” myself by ALMOST stepping on a cobra!”
Mindy Potter: “There are not words for my experience here, it’s been crazy, and I have LOVED it.”
Susan Demsey: “It is amazing here! I love it! God is working here.”
Madi Hitri: “Deepened my faith.”
Timothy McDougald: “The experience here has been priceless!”
All praise and honor goes to our Awesome Whom we are privileged to serve – PTL! 🙂
Megan Gardner and rachel did a tremendous job feeding our team – PTL! 🙂 Each one of us was blessed and we continually praise our Lord and Savior for all He accomplished through us as we reached out with the love of Jesus in six Sunday Schools – PTL! Over 200 plus souls responded to the invitation to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior – PTL! We serve a prayer answering God who never leaves us and is always there to help us. Yes, we had some spills on the motorbikes, but no serious injuries – only some scrapes, etcs.; God provided what was needed when our truck broke down on the way back to the TMI Ndola base – PTL! PTL! We all are doing well and looking forward to seeing you all in just a few days.
Lord bless each one of you and ‘THANK YOU’ for you continued prayer support. We are praying for you all. This will be our last message as we will be traveling to Victoria Falls, and then on to Debrief. We are excited and praise our Awesome God for all He is doing – PTL! PTL!
Love you all in Jesus,
Joe Vile for OAMSSM Team (A tremendous Team!) 🙂
Philippians 1:6 / 4:13


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