Peru update – 12024

As I am writing this report, I can hear Hannah and Lily helping me in
the kitchen by taking out the trash and discussing the line up order.
Caleb and Josiah are working on some wiring for the church and the
rest of the team has formed an assembly line to move the left over
bricks outside of the church. The team is doing great and are anxious
to finish the church!!!

These past few days have been great, but definitely not what we had
planned. The team has finished all the tying of the steel for the
header. All of the forms were completed and put into place. On Monday,
we planned to have all the forms in place so that on Tuesday the team
could begin pouring the header.  God had different plans. It began
down pouring early Tuesday morning and it didn’t stop raining until
Tuesday night. There was no possible way to do any type of work so
instead we had quizzing, bible studies. Overall, it was a nice rest
day for the kids. Wednesday we began mixing the concrete for the
header and completed it! Praise the Lord! The team also got the first
part of the church floor poured and they installed a breaker, light
fixtures and outlets inside the church.

Our goals for the next few days are to begin brick laying above the
header, finish wiring all the light fixtures and begin to clean up
inside the church.

Today we are only going to be working in the morning. They are going
to clean-up the inside of the church a little bit, move all the bricks
outside of the church and been sifting sand that will be used for
mortar. Right now, it is hard as we have to wait for the concrete to
dry before we can begin laying the bricks above the header. Lord
willing, we will start brick laying tomorrow!

This morning (Thursday) we had an unexpected wake-up call. Everything
was shaking for about 2 minutes and then we realized that it was
because it was an earthquake. Everyone is fine and nothing was damaged
where we are. The epicenter was about 21 miles away from Pucallpa. We
are praising the Lord for his constantly love and protection over our

We have not been able to send or receive any mail for about 2 weeks
now! The team has written at least one letter and hopefully you all
have received it. The postal workers, as well as teachers are on
strike. We are not sure when this will end, so they have all written
you a brief personal message. I hope you enjoy!!!!

Chelsea- Howdy mom n’ dad ☺ It’s been great here in Peru. I miss you
tons and love you!
John- Hi mom, dad, Renee, Katie and Noah! I miss you a lot and cant
wait to get back.
Michelle- Hey Mae, Pai, Grandparents and siblings. I love you guys so
much and I can’t wait to see you guys!
Karrah- Hey family and friends, I miss you all so very much and I
can’t wait to see you all!
James- Hi mom, dad, Beth and Laura. I love you and miss you and can’t
wait to see you again!
Ali- Mom and Dad I love you, miss you and pray for you often, but soon
I will be coming home!
Tristan- Hey brother, Mom, Dad, Todd, Grandma and Grandpa. I miss and love you!
Summer- Hey, love ya’ll!
Priscilla- I love you all so much and cannot wait to see you all and
tell you about everything in Peru!
Laura- Hey mom, dad, Sara. I love you and can’t wait to see you!
Please continue to keep me in your prayers!
Whitney- I miss you and love you mom, dad, Karlie, Gammy, Poppie, Brit
and Kelsey!
Dezurrae- I love and miss ya’ll so much and can’t wait to see you soon!
Lily- I love you Mom and Dad and can’t wait to talk to you guys when I get back!
Jessica- I love ya’ll and I can’t wait to see you!
Hannah- The countdown is on, can’t wait to see you mom and dad!
Kolton- Love you guys and can’t wait to get back.
Caleb- I’m really enjoying the people from Pucallpa, but I am excited
for debrief.
Ashley- Love you! See you when I get home.



  1. Karen and J.R. Carr (parents of Whitney)

    So glad to hear that all are o.k. and safe after the earthquake. The Church is looking good. Loved the message from Whit and will share with FB family and freinds. Can’t wait for you to be home and hear all the stories.

  2. Hi John, I know you had a great time one you will never forget and your new friends that you served the Lord with in Peru. Thank you for your smiling service to those sweet people. Love Aunt Sally Foster

  3. Thank you so much for your wonderful updates. I haven’t heard from Ashley since she left Florida, so it is great being able to read your updates and see your pictures. Praying for all of you to finish well!

  4. What a wonderful update! Prasing the Lord for His protection and gudiance. The pictures show a beautiful job for these precious people!
    Thank you leaders for a job well done taking care of the team and taking care of the people of God! Miss you Tony!

  5. We love you Lily! Your dad looks for mail from you everyday — the postbox is his first stop after work. Now we know why we haven’t received anything. Can’t wait to have you home again, but we are still praying for you and ask God’s blessings for your project. Mom

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