Trinidad – 12031-a

Wow! We can’t believe our time here in Trinidad is almost over. It is amazing how much has happened these past few weeks. Seeing how much each individual teen has grown has been a answer to prayer for all of us leaders. We have been so blessed by each and everyone of these kids and we praise the Lord for this opportunity to serve them in this way. Thank you for sending them, we know that the Lord has worked in all of them. Progress on the house has been a bit slow as of late due to the fact that we ran out of money for supplies such as cement. Praise the Lord that the pastor has friends that have provided an extra 20 bags of cement for the house and so more work can be done on the house while there are workers here. At this point in building a house, there can be times where minds can be changed on the layout of the building. So there have been walls torn down here and there to make room a a window that can be placed there or even an addition to the house after the foundation had been poured. The team spent most of Monday mixing concrete to pour an addition to the foundation that will be used as the washroom. They worked so hard. Now that much of the work is done on the house, the team has been digging out a swell ditch that is right next to the church. There are only two days left of work here and soon will be the time when the team will finally have the opportunity to do some evangelism. On Friday afternoon, the team will be split into two teams to do some door to door evangelism around the town. While doing this, the teams will be inviting people to a house belonging to a member of the church for a presentation the team will do. We would invite the people to come to the church, but it is against the Muslim religion to set foot inside a church. The team has really been looking forward to this opportunity to finally do some evangelism and they are getting very excited. Please continue praying for us as a team and individually. The Lord truly is moving here in this team and He is not done, He never is. Thank you again for all of your prayers and we hope that all is well at home. The team is sad that it is almost over, but they do know that soon they will be home with the people they love so much again. They have so much to tell and can’t wait for that time to do so. God bless!

Juliet King says: WOW! I am really amazed at how God has worked in my life. I have grown closer to God in many ways like He has helped me memorize 40 verses, I never thought I would get it done. He has helped me to mature in the problems that has been coming up in our group, he has also bless me with a young heart and wise words as one of the locals have told me! But most importantly He has helped me appreciate what I have at home even though it might not be the greatest, it’s home and I am with the people I love.
P.s. Can’t wait to see you mommy and family miss you!
P.p.s. I need some more money in my bank account!

Love, Juliet

Ronda Rogers says: All I can say is that this trip has been a great experience  for me! I have been surprised at how God has worked in our team. We are growing closer to each other and learning from each other. Coming to Trinidad and being away from home has helped me to trust God so much more. For example, I am learning not to worry about my loved ones at home, or think of things that might happen and trust God to protect them and all of us here.   I’m super excited about going to Port of Spain! Especially since a few of us girls are going to buy our outfits for the banquet during debrief among other things. 🙂 I think it’s safe to say that we all are going to miss the Trinis and their great hospitality.



  1. I love you Isaac-I can’t wait to see you! You look so dirty in that picture-what fun! 🙂 See you soon!!!! Love, mom

  2. Oh Jules…what can I say but we love and miss you too you crazzzy girl!! We are so proud of you and your team and can’t WAIT to see you!1 I see your shopping habits have not been curbed yet….tsk, tsk. Love from your happy little brothers and your Mothah! XOXO I hope you got your glasses and birthday card!

  3. Oh Julieta…what can I say but we love and miss u SO much too. I see your shopping habits haven’t been curbed yet…We are all so proud of u and your team. Can’t WAIT to see you!!! Love Mom

  4. Happy birthday, I love. Granny

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