France – 12028


We are in a new location as I write this! We are in a city called Montech (pronounced Montesh) at a camp called “Bouge Ta Ville.” We had quite the adventure on Tuesday evening as we walked to the Metro/Station from where we were staying in Clamart, outside Paris. It’s a 15 minute walk we took many of the days we were there, but never carrying 7 duffels, a box of puppets, the stage, and our backpacks! We were quite a sight as we walked through the city! We navigated the hallways of the Metro pretty well, though it was at times difficult to get us and the equipment through the turn style gates. We made it to the Grand Train Station after about 1 ½ hours of walking and then riding several different Metro lines. The team did a great job and we were actually surprised at how quickly we made it. They had great attitudes and there was a lot of laughter at how funny we looked! The train seats were recliner style, so we were all able to sleep some on the way down.

Our new location and project has been arranged in tandem with several different groups in France, one of them being Youth for Christ. We are working with JP from YFC and will have opportunity to use our dramas, puppets, stomp, songs, and other things the team has been learning. They also want us to teach the kids (ages 11-18) here at the camp some of our programs, so they can use it for evangelism, too. “Bouge Ta Ville” means ‘shake your city’ and the city we will all be evangelizing the rest of this week is Montauban, a city about 15 minutes from the camp. We were able to walk around Montauban for an hour or so yesterday, and it’s a beautiful, very old city. We will seek to bless the city with the love of Jesus these last 5 days of our trip! We are all living in tents again and doing well. The team is happy to have showers and flushing toilets.

Please pray for us to finish strong and be salt and light!


Bonjour! Hello from France!

This morning in devotions I was praying and asking God why I was here, “For what reason or purpose?” I then opened my Bible to Jeremiah 10:23 – “I know, O Lord, that a man’s life is not his own; it is not for man to direct his steps.” I learned that I am here, in Montech, France, not just to reach out to others, but to learn to be content in ALL circumstances and to have joy, not just happiness. Then through this love and joy, Christ’s light will shine through and around me. I thank and praise my Lord that I am here; in the center of His will and hands.  Lydia Knox

Hey, Everyone!

We are now in Montech, France for a camp and we are sleeping in really nice tents. So far we have spent 1 night in them. After we woke up and had bread and jam for breakfast, we had our personal devotions. After devos, we went and learned a super funny dance. When we get home we will have to do it for everyone! We also had some free time to relax and play soccer, walked to a store, and got some snacks. The actual camp doesn’t start until tomorrow so we got more free time than normal! Well, I have to take a shower because dancing makes you sweaty, smelly, and sticky. So, bye, bye, Cherry Pie.  Destiny Turner

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