China team at the Great Wall – 12019

8/3  The China team is at the Beijing Airport waiting for our flight to Toronto. Unfortunately, we did not have internet access at the place we were staying.
On Tuesday night, our hosts took us to dinner. All of the team members were presented individual “star awards”. Everyone had a great time with lots of laughs. We left on Wednesday morning. It was VERY difficult to say “bye” to our Chinese friends.

Our hosts were able to accompany us to Beijing. We arrived to cool and drizzly weather. The team did great at moving the luggage from the bus to the train station and from the train station to the vans which took us to the Far East Youth Hostel.

We had a quick sandwich and then went on a stroll through the streets where we saw what was available for us to buy. We didn’t do any buying, but just browsed the many shops (and a quick stop at McDonalds for fries and ice-cream). After evening devotions, we went to bed (and prayed for a sunny day to see the Great Wall).

We awoke to beautiful weather and after breakfast, we boarded a bus for the Great Wall of China. It was VERY crowded, but we all had fun. They spent some time on the wall and then put their shopping and bartering skills to great use.

After visiting the Wall, we said good-buy to our host, Greg. It was such a blessing to work with him! He took the time to get to know every team member individually. He is a true servant leader!
Most of us chose to eat dinner at Subway. We then went to the “Pearl Market” which is a large “mall” with four floors. The team had a blast bartering and came away with a lot of “stuff”.  We did additional shopping along our neighborhood streets on our way back “home”. We then had evening devotions and then fell into our beds for a good night’s sleep.

Yesterday, after breakfast and devotions, we visited Tinnamon Square and The Forbidden City. Both were interesting (AND CROWDED), but the team was looking forward to more shopping! And that we did! We did have a couple of hours to practice our Debrief presentation before going out in our shopping groups for dinner and shopping (again).

During evening devotions, we revealed our secret prayer partners (most already knew…) and then for those with money still to burn, they went out shopping again while the rest of us went to bed.

That is a short synopsis of our last few days in China. Everyone is looking forward to going home, but DREADING when we are no longer a team. Please pray for safe travels.


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  1. So happy to hear that you have successfully completed your mission! Praying that God will now bless you with a safe trip home to your families!

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