Italy Backpack – 12013—3


Greetings from Venice! Our team was able to go by ferry into the city sightseeing and souvenir shopping today. Everyone had such a great time looking through all of the shops and vendors; many of the team members were able to find lots of great mementos of their time here in Italy! The most common souvenirs have been the masquerade masks; the store owners have been so hospitable with all of our trying on and picture taking; everyone has had a lot of fun with it!

It was pretty hot today, but it was a clear and very sunny day, perfect for seeing the city. For lunch, we all met up in St. Marco’s Plaza and got to see (the outside of) St. Marco’s Cathedral.

Tomorrow we have another busy day of sightseeing and shopping, then its back to camp to pack up all our things for our flight out of the Venice airport on Saturday morning! Hopefully we can all get one last fill of pizza, pasta, and gelato! We’re all looking forward to returning and sharing our trip with you!

Andrew Simonton

So far the last couple days have been spent at Fenestrelle. There was the ost people we ever evangelized to through this whole trip. After two days, we went to Fort Fenestrelle. It is the second largest stone structure in the world wih 3,996 steps. The fort reminded me of how great God is when man can create something so great. Then we got on a bus to Torino and when we arrived, got our train tickets to Venice. Then we slept at the Powell’s apartment.

Italy has been amazing! Our team has grown together in learning to work together and also in learning to lean on God. I’ve been prayng for awhile about learning to trust God fully and while doing my devotions I was led to the story of Peter learning to get out of the boat and trust Jesus. This summer has helped me grow a lot. I love my team!

-Ashleigh Pies


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  1. What a way to spend the bulk of your summer, growing in the Lord developing strong ties to fellow christians and of course the trip itself which will stay with you for a life time. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.


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