Uganda Film – 12026—6

Greetings from Nakabango again! We have left “bunawenyi and arrived back at the Teen Missions base in nakabango. We are staying in the dorms again while we have our sight seeing days before leaving on Tuesday.

Bobbie Anderson is going to share about the experience they had living at the Rescue Unit and working there and at the school:

“It was really pretty and the people there Patrick, his wife Raehema and Linus. It was nice to see the people there as content when a lot of them had nothing. It was really great experience because it brought me closer to God and helped me in my walk. It made me appreciate everything in America that we take for advantage of. Church was an awesome experience and seeing different cultures worship God”

The team members are going to list their favorite thing about where we stay.

Taylor Admas: The weather and getting to meet Patrick, Rahema and Linus

Nick Mullins: I really liked the facilitators and the meal Raehama made for us.

Annesley Dehaven: warm weather-related

Katie Jimenez: Definitely the scenery

Ariel Lee: The pig Wilber and working with the facilitators Patrick, Linus was really cool

Aiha Lau: The atmosphere of Africa and the traditional food.

Nick Picerno: Noticing all God’s cool creation

Victoria WEbber: The watering hole, it was a cool experience

Adrian Marquez: Patrick and Linus

Elena Demos: Pumping water in the morning and talking to the students getting water.

Bobbie Anderson: Being able to minister to the kids and see them smile

Elizabeth Bus: Butchering the chicken

Everyone has been relatively healthy and motivated to work hard and to see work completed. Thursday night the team worked until it was dark, even though working with lanterns until all of the brick was laid on the squatty. This was scheduled free time but everyone volunteered to do it, even Adrian Marqueza who had been on KP (kitchen patrol) all day.

Katie Jimenz, Annesley Dehaven worked on top of the scaffolding with the facilitators Linus to lay brick. Elizabeth Bush also laid some of the last bricks on Thursday night. The team felt really accomplished to have so much work done and to be able to leave a good amount of the work completed. They were really blessed by their hosts, Patrick Raehema and Linus. They are all Teen Missions staff. Patrick and Linus especially would help them and teach them at the work site and they had a lot of fun with them. At night the team would have team devos around a campfire and they each shared their testimony. Patrick, Raeham & Linus also shared theirs. It was encouraging to hear how God worked in their lives, even all the way in Uganda.

One night at team devos Patrick taught them a name game, which surely they will want to teach others when they get home.

The filming also was finished successfully. IN the last week the team filmed areas such as the library and science room. Aiha Lau said she was a turtle in the science room and she was pretty excited about that. On the last day of filming (Thursday) Taylor Adams and Adrian Morquez went with the leader Kathy Vanderpool to the end of the road to where the TMI sign is and they filmed that, which was special fro them. Even so,k Adrian Marquez said her favorite day of filing was when they filmed the morning chapel session which is called “morning Glory.” She like it because the students were singing and clapping. Other team members say their favorite time was when they filmed the student kicking a ball around.

Overall the team was deeply blessed by their experience in Bunalwenyi. Today when they loaded up all the duffles, tents, kitchen supplies etc. the team members were really sad to leave. As the bus pulled out of the REscue Unit and through the school the team members waved to all of the students who they enjoyed getting to know. Allow me to let Nick Mullins tel you about leaving.

“I never thought it would end so fast. Looking back it seems like we just arrived in Uganda yesterday. Even though I’ll miss Patrick, Raehema and Linus its’ awesome to see everyone at the Uganda BMW base again. Nad I’m sure that I’ll miss them too, when I get home. I’ve learned a lot and can’t wait to share it to my friends. I love Mom, Dad, Andrew, Catherine, Nate, Stuart, Timothy Christina, Stephen, Lillian.”

All of the team sends their greetings and love home to their family and friends

Prayer Requests

*Safe travels and that all the luggage makes it

*do well at quizzing at debrief

*good health

Praise for all the completed work

*praise for no serious injuries or illness

See you soon!

Just a report about our sight seeing day. We left at 9:00 this morning in a coaster bus. We traveled to the Kingfisher resort. Wow, it was amazing to see such a place after being out in the bush. We decided to eat our lunch at the restaurant so everyone placed their order for food. Then we all went down to Lake Victoria and loaded onto the boat. It took us around the lake, there are many different kinds of birds that we saw and there were even feeding cages that you will see pictures of later. We were able to see a few monkeys. We went to the island and we were shown the source of the Nile. It is a bubbling spring where the Nile river flows down and Lake Victoria meets. Many pictures were taken and a special photo with just the girls. It was about an hour and half boat ride. We went back to the resort and our lunch was being served within 10 minutes. There was Talipia (a whole fried fish head and all), curry, hamburger or cheeseburger, fruit salad, banana fritters and of course soda, pop or coke whichever you call it.

From there we went into Jinga town and had about 3 hours of souvenir shopping. Wait till you see all the special things that the team found to take home. When some finished they were able to go have a milk shake at a local restaurant. We also had a quick stop at a super market and purchased a few snacks.

Back to the base for some quizzing in preparation for debrief. A light dinner, Bible study and then evening devotions. Then it was time to head for bed, I’m sure everyone will enjoy the good nights sleep.

Sunday the team will leave at 9:30 and walk to church with the students. We will get caught up on Bible verses, start working on our debrief presentation.

Monday will be our clean up pack up day. Then we will leave at 8:00 on Tuesday for the airport. Our flight will be leaving at 5:00 p.m. But there is a lot of traffic to get through and we sure don’t want to miss our flight.



  1. Thanks for the wonderful report! So proud of everyone. I add my continuing prayers for your safe travels home and joyous family reunions for everyone. God speed Uganda Team. Love to Taylor from Aunt Sha.

  2. Elizabeth Irene Bush

    Yeah! you will be home in 7 days! Cannot wait to hug and kiss you, Liz.
    Team, love to hear about your desire to serve above and beyond the call. Thank you for the spiritual growth that we have heard of in you.I have been reading many of the team reports over the past few weeks, I have sensed in your reports more than others a true desire to grow in the Lord and to acknowledge how you were impacted by temptations in the world. To understand that you need Christ to move forward is a deep insight. Please, make sure when you leave one another that you have a way of staying in touch. You will want to continue to encourage one another in your journey ahead. God bless you and keep you safe in travel. Remember each one of you is special! BE STRONG AND COURAGEUOS! Mama Fran.

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