Borneo is in Singapore – 12022

The team has arrived in  Singapore.  We are settled in our hotel and everyone is so excited to sleep in a real bed tonight.  We had a small delay in Customs when arriving.  Shannon’s bag was searched and he was questioned about the machete he brought as a souvenir in Borneo.  The team waited patiently for him to clear customes and prayed until he was reunkited with the team.  We left Borneo this morning and their were many tearful goodbyes.  It was hard especiallty to say good-bye to Avery and Cathy Rosalinda at the Kuching airport.
We are excited to tour Singapore tomorrow after a good night”s sleep.   Thank you all for your prayers.


  1. So, did the team take in the video discs without any trouble, and, what eventually happened to them?

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